Saturday, August 23, 2008

Talk Southern to Me: Y'all

What a no-brainer. Y'all is probably the most overused word in my southern vernacular and an obviously needed addition to my "Talk Southern to Me" blog series.

Not that I should need to define "y'all" for anyone who reads this blog... but I definitely think it's worth a look at... a quick google definitely gives me some interesting results including:

Wikipedia on "Y'all"

And the funniest thing I've ever seen, yet may still feel compelled to subscribe to:

Has anyone ever seen Y'all magazine? Is it like People, but for Southerners? I think this may be hook, line, and sinker for me: What Southern Women Know. It would be awesome if they had a RSS feed that I could subscribe to!


  1. Hey there Miss Lisa...I am back from the Carolina coast and have sorely missed reading your blogs. I have actually seen the Y'ALL magazine in Barnes and Noble before. And I am so glad to see it spelled correctly. So many people tend to spell y'all as ya'll. ya'll???? They must not have grown up down south!

    By the Ronda Rich!!