Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We Can't All Be Little Betty Crockers

But you can definitely give it a good try with Savor Hospitality's video-blog (vlog)!

Cooking Coarse Debut
As many of you already know, we launched a daily vlog this week, "Cooking Coarse" designed to provide mini cooking lessons (of course focusing on basic cooking METHODS), but with some twists here and there.

To check out the vlog, visit: Cooking Coarse

Here you can:
1. Just Watch - good enough!
2. REGISTER - to receive emails every time a new post is ready for veiwing
3. REGISTER - to post comments, ask questions and offer feedback
Big thanks to Mandy for sending this recommendation my way!

I've actually had the awesome opportunity to meet the Savor Hospitality folks at a bridal association event we hosted at Buckhead on our sweet new deck and their lunch catering was DELISH!

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