Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm in Love...

...with Capital Bank. Betcha didn't see that coming did ya?

After fighting the never ending battle with First Citizens Bank on their awful practices and absurd way of posting some of my most basic transactions (plus, not earning a freakin' penny of interest), I've dumped those losers.

Since then, I've opened a Bank of America account (which is nice because of their Keep the Change program which forces me to save without thinking about it) to make payroll at my company free and easy - and most importantly - the BF and I have moved all of our personal banking to Capital Bank.

We each have our own Smart Checking accounts (you should really make your money work for you at 5.01%) and then we have a free joint account which we only use to transfer our own funds to for paying things like the mortgage, utilities, etc... you know... all the things we split.

So why on God's green earth am I posting about a bank? Because you'd be silly not to have a CB account if you're in Raleigh right now - and here's why:

Capital Bank's Smart Checking
5.01% APY* on your balance!

* A high interest yield on ANY Balance up to $25,000 (upon meeting “reward requirements")
* No Minimum Balance
* Free ATM Usage
* Free Online Banking and Bill Pay
* Free QuickCheck Debit Card
* Free e-Statements
* No Monthly Account Maintenance Fees

Earning these rewards is simple... just use the services we’re giving you with the account:

1. Use your debit card at least ten times per cycle. (Sorry, ATM withdrawals do not count as debit card transactions.)
2. Establish at least one regular direct deposit of a payroll or government check, or set up an automatic debit.
3. Receive Electronic Statements, known as e-Statements.
Even the best online-only banks are not even paying anything close to 5.01%... and I tell you what, if those "requirements" aren't the habits of Gen Y anyway (ie: electronic statements, use your card 10 times per month, set up a dd/auto-draft)... then I don't know what else would be.

So there - go to CB and make your money work for you.

PS - I'm not getting a referral bonus or anything, I just wanted to make sure everyone knows about this great little bank... where everyone is also SO much friendlier than at FCB. Plus, who wouldn't want to make 5.01% on their freakin' FREE checking account? Also, both BoA and CB have mobile banking where I can instantly transfer money between accounts.... FCB doesn't.

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