Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Top 10 Southern List

Roger Elmore, the main writer for, dropped me a nice email to let me know about a Top 10 list his site had just posted that he thought I, as well as you readers, might enjoy.

How many did you check off? Although I'm not a hunting fan and don't find myself in church on an extremely regular basis, I'd say that the list, for the most part, fit the bill!

And although I love my "not from the South, but I got here as fast as I could" friends, I had to laugh at the end of number 10: "Although you welcome them to visit, you wish they’d stop moving to the region."

Thanks for reading and for the email, Roger!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Put the Boys to Work... at Hardly Working

I realize Thanksgiving has just come and gone, but Christmas dinner is right around the corner. I love Andrea Weigl's suggestion of putting the boys to work!

Thursday when I serve Thanksgiving dinner to a small group of friends, everyone will contribute. I will bake a pecan pie and a pumpkin cheesecake. My husband will cook leg of lamb on the smoker. (One tip for holiday sanity is cooking the meat outside on the grill, in the smoker or in the deep-fryer. Luckily, many men who like to cook don't mind spending the day outside, drinking a beer and minding the meat.) A friend will make stuffed acorn squash and the homemade noodles that are his family's tradition. A third will clear the table.

She's right - it's not at all an up-hill battle to suggest that the man (and his buddies) hang around outside with beer, a fried turkey, and perhaps even a fire pit.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Country for Kids Concert on Thursday Night!

Thursday night... be there! Only $25.00 - proceeds to visit this amazing place:

Buy tickets online at


Country for Kids concert at DPAC to benefit N.C. Children’s Hospital

Curtis Media Group announced the addition of a charity concert, dubbed ’Country for Kids,” to the ninth annual N.C. Children’s Promise Radiothon/Telethon with proceeds benefiting North Carolina Children’s Hospital.

Presented by 94.7 WQDR, Country for Kids will feature live performances from four artists, Rodney Atkins, James Otto, Clay Walker and North Carolina’s very own Jason Michael Carroll. The concert event will be the celebratory culminations of a day full of miraculous stories being broadcast live from the N.C. Children’s Hospital lobby on nearly 20 Curtis Media Group radio stations and Time Warner Cable’s News 14 Carolina as part of the N.C. Children’s Promise Radiothon/Telethon, UNC Health Care’s largest fundraising event each year.

PS: Jason Michael Carroll also has a new five song holiday album out from his very own label - Stray Records. Download it on iTunes today! (I can certainly approve the playing of his holiday music prior to Thanksgiving. ;-))

PS #2: Jason is the Grand Marshall at this year's Raleigh Christmas Parade taking place on Saturday. Get excited!