Saturday, October 28, 2006

What Southern Chicks Can Teach You...

An excerpt from an article I pulled out of a magazine a long time ago. Judging by it's content it must have been Cosmo ;-)

Originally written by Colleen Rush

“What Southern Chicks Can Teach You About Love, Lust, and Life”The Perfect Southern Iced Tea
Ingredients:1.5 oz – vodka
6 oz – iced tea
2 tbsp – simple syrup
Fresh mint to taste

Directions:Muddle ingredients; serve over ice in a tall glass.

Southern Secrets
(I plan to elaborate more on these with the quotes, possibly an attachment of the original article… but for now… you’ll just have to start with the Cliff Notes version.)
1 – Look traffic-stopping hot
2 – Be wiser than guys
3 – Use sugar-lips
4 – Get results in bed
5 – Treasure your friends
6 – Be party savvy
7 – Have amazing etiquette

7 Southern Girl Staples
1 – Fabulous stationary
2 – A swell necklace
3 – The family cookie recipe
4 – One silky lingerie set
5 – A stash of emergency cash
6 – A signature scent
7 – Condoms and matches (Oh my!)