Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Don't Care Who You're Votin' For...

...the fist bump is STILL hilarious - regardless of your political affiliation (or in some cases, lack of).

The look like they're enjoying themselves... good for them.

Get well soon, Mikey!

Watch the video in the link above, in case you missed it the first go around.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update: All I Want is a Good Moisturizer...

My May 18th post on wanting to find a nice moisturizer that is animal-friendly drew an email from a reader who was searching for the same all the way from Portugal! How cool is that?!

Rita, from Portugal, wrote to ask if I had any luck in finding a moisturizer to do the trick as she was growing frustrated with the same issues I was having:

"I also have trouble finding reliable companies... every single one of them claims not testing on animals, but behind closed doors, it's impossible to know...
I laughed, reading Bobbi Brown's answer... check out Aveda's answer (also an Esteé Lauder company)."
The info she quoted was word-for-word the same with only a few brand names changed. Lame-o!

I replied to Rita that I am currently using a product I found at none other than Harris Teeter of all places! Nature's Gate Organics - have a vine day - Chardonnay Hydrator for daytime goes on day and night and although it does have a obvious scent, it doesn't bother me... and isn't noticeable a few seconds later... it's actually kind of refreshing.

Here's what hooked me: clear as day on the box the manufacturer notes that the product is "made in the US", "cruelty free", "made with certified organic botanicals" and "paraben-free". For $15 or so (way cheaper than advertised on their own site), it's done the trick so far!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Obligatory Wedding Post

I think know the South has a very awesome way of making weddings better than any other geographic region, so I read a few wedding blogs. Read: a few, not hundreds of the thousands that are out there - mostly scanning for looks and pictures I just like.

I can't even tell you why I enjoy a great inspiration board, especially since I constantly tell the BF we're just going to pack up and head to Jamaica and tell everyone to meet us there for the weekend, but I just do.

Anyway, I digress - we are in the height of wedding season and I would like to remind everyone of one thing before I throw a few fab links out there: please do not get married during football season and if you must, please do not schedule your wedding the same date as NCSU vs. UNC... I'm sorry, but I will not be able to attend. Thankfully, the BFF is marrying the biggest State fan I know - so we're good in that department. (I don't think he'd show up if the wedding date was November 22nd, either.)

Anyway, here's a few posts from the very few wedding blogs I subscribe to that were too awesome not to share:

I hope you brides-to-be who read this blog enjoy those links (and anyone else who just down-right appreciates a great Southern wedding)!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Update: Beer, BBQ, & Bourbon

From my earlier post tonight, here's more info... a link to the official site and a few details about the cause supported by a portion of the proceeds from the event.

Official Website

AND a portion of the proceeds benefit:

I love a great festival with a heart, too!

More Info and a Blog from the NC Ag Jam

Bryan got his tickets front and center on Saturday AM... have you got yours yet?

Check out their new blog (ooh, nice job Dept. of Agriculture!) with more info each day:

Diet Pepsi-Got to Be NC Ag Jam 2008 DebutWith the Dept. of Agriculture on board, I'd say blogging has become a norm.

Mega-Post of "Must Do" Events

Please forgive my brief hiatus last week/end... real estate licensing + more bridesmaid dresses mishaps + Amber's bridal shower/luau with these girls = sleeping in AND a nap on Sunday.

So here's your new calendar entries, which of course, have been added to my Google calendar for all to share:

August 9th - First Annual Beer Bourbon and BBQ Festival
Thank you Cary Magazine for the email tip!

Love of my life did this in Charlotte a few weeks back... I'll have to get his expert opinion for a blog post follow-up.

"Attendees will be able to indulge in tasting the best beers, sipping the finest bourbon and eating the best barbeque that N.C. has to offer. More than 60 craft beers and more than 40 different bourbons wil be available for tasting. While enjoying the spirits and food, guests can listen to live music and shop 25 different art and craft exhibits. There will also be five tasting classes to heighten people's awareness of the flavor profile of great bourbons."

Tickets and info at

September 19th-20th - Benefit Concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
"On September 19 and 20, 2008, Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary will play host to one of the biggest concert events of 2008 — the benefit concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and the John Entwistle Foundation. Only 7000 people from around the world will be fortunate enough to score a ticket to what is certain to be a concert event that will be talked about for years to come.

A line-up comprised of some of Rock & Rolls best-known front men will perform some of their individual or groups greatest hits backed by an all-star band for the ages. In addition to the concert, other activities include a showing of vintage footage from past Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, an afternoon music showcase of up-and-coming bands with North Carolina ties, pre-and post-concert parties, and weeklong celebration of the importance of Rock and Roll and its influence on society." for more info and tix
Phew - what a line-up for the start of fall.

"Motown Philly Back Again"

It's not country music, but it's a close favorite: the 90's! This just sounds like a great time to be had by all:

Boyz II Men, Little Brother, Who’s Bad Play RaleighForgive me if that link doesn't work... seems to not be working this afternoon. It's definitely worth the wait if you're a Boys II Men fan though!

Double cool points: It's on NC State's campus.

Biggest. Compliment. Ever.

A million thanks to my just.pure.lovely (Pi Phi reference) Ashton for the classiest call-out in a blog ever!

In local-ish news:
Clearly these folks don’t know Lisa Jeffries
My $0.02? If the local media focused a little more on the "sparingly available" good news and less on the gangster-wannabes that we're allowing to take over our AMAZING community... then maybe ranking lists like that referenced in the news would have more evidence to support a higher ranking in the next go around. But I know, I know... that doesn't sell ratings.

I'm just sayin'...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Holly Aiken's Shop is Back!

From my other blog (and originally from

New Shop on the BlockSuper exciting!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Independent Retailers Week

As always, keep it local... there are SO many great choices... there is really no reason not to!

If you need suggestions on where to keep it local - for anything - my good friend Mandy @ Swagger (fellow independent retailer, wooh!) is divulging all of her staffs' favorites this week on her blog in celebration of National Independent Retailers Week - which started this past Sunday and runs through Saturday!

Check Swagger's blog out here and add it to your daily reads for not only the local recommendations, but also the special sales that are only for Swagger's blog readers (which... get excited... is moving to Blogger SO SOON!).

PS - You'll even catch me blogging there from time to time, too. So if you enjoy reading my blog now, just imagine it with a monogrammed-spin on it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Congrats and More...

First things first, I have to say congratulations to Allison Davis, owner of Sandfoot Photography (I highly, HIGHLY recommend her beautiful work), on her engagement this weekend in quite a fabulous fashion!!

Her darling fiancé surprised her with a backstage proposal at the Brad Paisley meet-n-greet in Charlotte... HOW COOL! Check out the picture and a bit of the story online - Brad's face is priceless as Allison got the surprise of her life! (There is also a great story about how Brad and his team managed to make another young girl's night very special - he truly makes me very proud to be a Brad fan today.)

Also, a big thank you goes out to Dave and Andy at Deep South the Bar for having Parmalee's "Carolina" playing on their homepage... I am now ADDICTED to the song and hope that you all will enjoy it as much as I do!

PS - Don't forget to sign up for your membership and stop in and say hello to the Deep South folks soon, too.

Got Extra School Supplies?

My sorority didn't crown me Pi Phi's "Most Philanthropic" for nothin'!

Since there will be plenty of back to school sales beginning soon at all the local office supply shops, I figured it'd be a great chance for anyone who is interested to pick up a few extras (potentially for free at the penny and buy one/get one sales!) to donate.

From my good friend, and fellow wine and silver blue-er, Adrianne... the passing along of a special request:

FW: School Supplies Donation Request

As some of you may know, my husband is over-seas for a year working for the Department of Defense. At the camp where he works, there are classes being held to teach English for indigenous soldiers who work closely with American troops. They are in need of school supplies for adults. If you are interested in donating, I have included a list below of several items that have been requested. You can drop them off at my desk anytime, and I'll ship them over. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks for your help!

Supplies Needed:

Books to practice the alphabet or basic words/phrases
Flash cards

Remember, this is a class for adults but still at a pretty basic level. Thanks again!"
For anyone who is not at McKinney (where the email originated) to drop things off at the desk mentioned, please feel free to leave me a comment and I will be more than glad to help collect or to put you in touch with the folks at McKinney pitching in for the common good, too!

PS - For those of you who might have younger children, summer jobs as nannies, etc., this is a great way to reduce some of the clutter that you might not have any use for anymore!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

If You're On Your Umpteenth Nextel...

Paging Brandon Williamson... if you can't put it on eBay or Craigslist and recoup some of your investment... why not pay it forward?

Give those old phones hanging around (you know, in a bag in the back of the closet or the bottom of the desk in the office) a new purpose and be green, ie: reduce some waste in your life!

From the Nextel/Sprint subscriber eNewsletter:

Sprint Project ConnectSM

In April 2002, Sprint created Sprint Project ConnectSM, a wireless recycling program, to help prevent millions of phones from ending up in landfills.

Sprint Project Connect is a free service for anyone who has wireless phones, batteries, accessories and connection cards that they no longer use. All makes and models are accepted, regardless of condition or service provider. To recycle your wireless device, pick up a free, postage-paid envelope at any participating Sprint store nationwide. Or, print the free, postage-paid mailing label available on this site.

All of the net proceeds from Sprint Project Connect help to keep kids safer online through Sprint's 4NetSafety program in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the NEA Health Information Network, and others.


Sprint is partnering with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the NEA Health Information Network, leading advocates for child and Internet safety, to provide free tools, resources and information that help:

  • Kids to appreciate the power of the Internet and the implications of the decisions that they make when connected from a computer or their wireless phone.
  • Educators to teach students about Internet safety and keep parents informed of potential risks.
  • Parents and guardians to understand online habits of young people, what risks are associated with this behavior, and how to have a positive dialogue with their kids about Internet safety.

We encourage you to visit and use the following 4NetSafety resources funded through Sprint Project Connect:

NSTeens Website - This site was designed for young teens by Internet safety experts at the NetSmartz Workshop, a program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The site models safer online practices through engaging comic-book-style characters, and addresses topics such as social networking, cyberbullying, and gaming. Educators, parents and guardians are also given tools and resources such as safety tips, suggested activities, and discussion ideas to help kids make safer choices online.

bNetS@vvy E-Newsletter - This online newsletter is published by the NEA Health Information Network. Designed for adults to help young teens use Internet technologies safely, this resource is packed with stories from teens, parents, educators and experts. It also offers tools and activities to help adults and kids to become more Net savvy - and safe.
It's not at all the type of good cause I had expected to see the recycling/reuse program connected to, but it's a noble cause nonetheless.

News from Brittany's Battle

Just wanted to post some info from the Brittany's Battle, Inc. eNewsletter.

Please feel free to sign up for the list too and help spread the word about their important work in the fight against lung cancer which honors a very special girl who will forever hold a place in our hearts!

See you at the auction!

Brittany's Battle of the Bids
Save the Date!
November 23, 2008

We are actively working on our first annual auction. We are looking for corporate sponsors, retail sponsors, merchandise, services, volunteers, and much, much more! If you can help, please contact us!

Visit our silent auction page on our website for a creative list of donation suggestions, a sponsorship form, and sponsors who've already contributed. Thanks for your support and remember - save the date!
For anyone who's ever had the opportunity to hear or see JMC perform LIVE, here's a little opportunity to read the background on "Livin' our Love Song"... hope everyone can go pick up an issue and say "Thanks!" to Country Weekly!"A Song for Brittany"
Thanks to Country Weekly and JMC for the article on BBI in the July 14th issue!

Jason dedicates his top 5 hit - Livin' Our Love Song - to Brittany at each performance.
Please take their survey, too and help them shape the way that they are helping to change lives.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I Wish They Could ALL Come Home Like This...

This is super heart-warming... and the neighbor whose sentiments were something of "it's the least we can do for all he's done"... SPOT ON. We need more neighbors like her in this world.

Hundreds Welcome Home Raleigh SoldierMiss you more and more every day, Henry!

Domestic Incentive

$10 off a $25 purchase at Lowe's? Seeing as how I can't leave Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. for less than $30... I'll take it!

Life takes VisaDon't forget to use it before July 30th! It comes to your email right away after registering for it... sure, you'll probably get some emails from Lowe's... but you can always opt out!

Dear Sue Stock... your "Taking Stock" blog is the stuff dreams are made of. Two thumbs up for continuing to save your readers what I like to refer to as: Texas$. (That's big money.)

Country Music Junkie

...and proud of it!

I was really excited to see the line-up for the State Fair - especially Lady A and Heidi (I'm in love with "Johnny & June"):

Rites of fall: NC State Fair
Feel that nip in the air? The 2008 NC State Fair gets underway in a mere 92 days, and the concert lineup (which is, as usual, heavy on the country) has been released. Online ticket sales start Aug. 1 , and the lineup is below. Scope the details here.

Oct. 16 -- Josh Turner
Oct. 17 -- Jason Aldean
Oct. 18 -- Toby Mac
Oct. 19 -- Lady Antebellum and Heidi Newfield
Oct. 20 -- Bobby Flay
Oct. 21 -- Bucky Covington
Oct. 22 -- TBA
Oct. 23 -- Mario
Oct. 24 -- Leeland
Oct. 25 -- Joe Nichols
Oct. 26 -- Montgomery Gentry
Looks like I'll be attending the fair nearly every evening!

Oooh... and we can take Mom and Dad to Bobby Flay... wonder if he'll do a local showdown while he's here?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What a Let Down...

So my previous post on how Live Nation > Ticketbastards... maybe not so much.

I go to buy my $10 Journey and Three Doors Down tickets just a few moments ago and this is what I was faced with, once I got through the hype:

9/16/08 6:00 PM 3 DOORS DOWN LAWN L18 117 $10.00 Parking Fee $6.00
Convenience Fee $4.45
Are you kidding me?

Parking is $6.00/person (NOT VEHICLE!) for a gravel lot that is manned by the biggest douche-baggery staff I've ever met? No thank you.

Since when is it appropriate to charge more than double with "applicable fees"? That sounds VERY Ticketmaster-ish to me (just google "ticketbastards" to find so many other who also hate the ticketing monopoly).

I have been fairly impresed with the significantly higher level of service provided by Live Nation. I do however, continue to be harassed by the parking nazis at Walnut Creek... tailgate after tailgate and would prefer not to keep them employed.

Time to mull over how much I hate this - enough to pay double in fees? Am I really saving anything or was this just a clever marketing ploy that caught even Little Miss Marketing herself captive?

The House Rules for College Football

Thanks Ashton!

If someone could frame this and hang it up for the games we'll be seeing from home (very few since I have NCSU season tickets and BF has UNC season tickets)... that would be great!

The House Rules for College Football
by Fox Sports blogger Lisa H.
(which is a great first name, but not the same person as the author of this blog, "Growing Up Southern"...)

It's getting close. Only forty-six days until the start of college football. It is now time to post the house rules. You know what I'm talking about.

That legendary list of rules that every family needs to abide by during college football season. The list that supercedes all other lists. The list that will be copied and pasted to the front of the fridge. Read it and weep, non-college football fans.

1- There shall be an open view of the hi-def television at all times.

Any child that stands in front of the TV to get attention from me will be permanently disowned. Unless loss of limb or mass quantities of blood is apparent (and we are talking visible proof here), no cries of injury will be attended to by me (find Daddy if you feel like fainting). Grab a band-aid and take a Motrin. Better yet, rub some dirt on it.

Any child who decides to show off her High School Musical 2 dance routine while a football game is being broadcasted will be offered up for adoption to Brad and Angelina. As is.

Any persons who cross the family room floor will be sent to their rooms without dinner unless they crouch while passing in front of the screen. The crouched walk has been taught, practiced and preached- any person who walks in an (censored) position will be deemed a traitor and forced to watch Ishtar is slow motion.

2. Nutritional needs are not a priority on Saturdays.'s your chance to ask Mommy for cake and ice cream for breakfast! In fact, timing is everything. If you ask for cotton candy and deep fried twinkies while Lee Corso is deciding which mascot head to don, you'll probably get a quick nod of the head and a swift dismissal via hand.

Don't expect anything home-cooked, unless you count Papa Johns pizza heating in the oven as home-made. Better yet, don't expect anything. Period. Football season is why vitamins were made, so throw back a Barney Rubble with some OJ and quit your complaining.

3. Demands for sex will be accepted only during certain hours of Saturday.

Please note the following time changes for when sex will be not be accommodated: 6:30 AM -11:15 PM (PST) every Saturday will no longer be acceptable times for sex due to conflicts with college football games.

If you feel dauncy and want to risk punishment, please feel free to solicit for sex during that time frame and watch for future schedule changes. Permanently.

4. Notre Dame NC STATE games will be watched even if there are better games on at the same time.

Given that the Irish Wolfpack were 3-9 last year (something equally as embarassing), this year's team has everyone curious. Will they crash and burn or look like a BCS contender? Either way, the Aztecs v the Irish Tarheels v the Wolfpack will be akin to watching a possible train-wreck or a complete rout. It has "huge ratings" written all over it no matter what the outcome due to last year's Navy game. If any person complains about the quality of football game viewing, please note the PIP (picture in picture) feature will be used.

Besides, I want to see if Lou will nail his locker room pep talk.

5. No one shall question the merits of any game being played on August 28th.

Any person who asks why I am watching Middle Tennessee v Troy, Buffalo v UTEP, Vandy v Miami (Ohio), Eastern Michigan v Indiana State, Ball State v Northeastern, UConn v Hofstra, Cincy v Eastern Kentucky, Stanford v Oregon State, Georgia Tech v Jacksonville State, NC State v South Carolina, or Iowa State v South Dakota State on Thurday, August 28th, will be shot on site. "Shoot first, ask questions later" will be the motto of the day.

I have waited seven long months for some college football, and frankly, the thought of watching Iowa State v South Dakota State live on television has my mouth watering.

August 28th, the first day of college football, should be viewed as a National holiday and treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

Every one of the games will be the most beautiful games I have ever watched, and the South Carolina v NC State, an ESPN Thursday night special, will be watched with tears in my eyes as soon as the theme music starts up. Kurt, I miss you already.

6. From 7:00-9:00 AM PST, all requests requiring Mommy to take her eyes off the TV set will be ignored.

Sure the show has gotten commercial, sure the two stars, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit, have made the concept seem a little contrived, and sure Lou Holtz can be downright irritating. But after seven long months, I can't wait for College Game Day to start.

In fact, I'll probably cry tears of joy as soon as I see the Home Depot desk with Lee tapping his pencil, and Kirk setting Lee up for a "Not so fast, my friend." I'll scream with laughter at all the goofy signs, admire the cheerleaders standing on their partner's shoulders, and take a deep breath the second they mention my team.

Oh yeah, the second anyone asks me, "Can I .....?" while the show is on will either get ignored or a quick nod of the head. Kids, here is your chance to go ask if you can play in traffic, set the dog on fire or try your first cup of coffee. I'm not listening. I'm in a trance.

7. No one shall make fun of any attire worn during Saturdays.

There comes a time when wardrobe critique from small children or spouses should be quelled. Saturdays are one of those days. (Note- spouses should take special note of the possible sex schedule being changed if too much critique is made of clothing.)

Since I have probably not slept much Friday night due to the anticipation of College Football on Saturday, I will be looking pretty bad. Pajamas, slippers, un-brushed teeth and bedhead are to be expected until approximately 12 noon.

Yes, I look like a witch. I also may be a little ornery, depending on whether or not my doctor has approved my request to have a temporary catheter (to avoid potty breaks) on Saturdays. (He's thinking about it, by the way)

I may not ever change my clothes on the day of the games because they are too exciting. Deal with it. Take the kids to the park if the sight of me is too horrid. In fact, just stay the heck out of my way until 11 PM. Then I'm all yours.

8. Any person(s) who plays the "hide the remote from Mommy" game will suffer serious consequences.

Yes, Saturday morning cartoons are important to all children. That's why each child has a TV and DVD player in their own rooms. Santa Claus wasn't born yesterday, honey. If the remote suddenly gets "misplaced" on a Saturday, the punishment will be liver and onions for lunch (home delivery, of course) and steamed brussel sprouts for dinner (frozen bag in microwave). The stench should be a poignant reminder of such foolish behavior.

Furthermore, any comments of "more football?" or "when is it over?" will cause the the offensive mouth to be bound with duct tape. After ten years, you should know better than to say such blasphemous words and you will treated as one who has committed an act of treason. Recognize.

9. Any phone calls from friends will be treated the same as telemarketing solicitations.

Just what kind of friend are you if you want to know if we can go to lunch? You know I'm officially busy all day, and after all these years, your phone calls are annoying, at best.

The phone will simply not be answered- unless it's from my bosses from, of course. All other calls will viewed as solicitation calls and will get ignored. Moreover, a secondary follow-up call on my cell phone will be viewed as harassment.

I don't bug you during Idol and House, M.D., so don't bother me while I am enjoying my football.

10. Baseball is officially non-existent on Saturdays.

I don't care if it's close to the play-offs. When football is on, there is no other sport worth watching. Including baseball.

I have suffered all Summer watching these players chase butterflies in the outfield, whiff on fast balls and overthrow to first base. I'm tired of the rally (censored) not working his magic. I'm sick and tired of A-Rod's alleged dalliances and Giambi's mustache.

I need some contact sport, I need some violence, I need to see some green turf without brown dirt in the middle of it. I don't want to see any more managers kicking dirt at the ump's feet, I want to see Spurrier throw his visor, dang it. Out with the Cracker Jacks, in with the brats on a grill!

The House has spoken.

*Please note- in case of emergency (ie- devastating earthquakes, mudslides, brush fires, locusts invasions, pestilence or California falling off the face of the earth), please evacuate house and take all valuables to the nearest Red Cross Shelter. Do not spend your last fleeting moments of life begging me to leave the television for safety.

Think of me as a postal carrier- "neither rain, sleet, snow, or hail"...blah blah. I'm not letting a catastrophe from keeping me from my mission.

Besides, I'm already in heaven.
Obviously, I added a special little spin... but you get it.

PS - Fashionable dressing is totally acceptable if your tailgate attire of choice is from Buzz & Berly!

LiveNation > Ticketmaster

Who's excited about $10 Maroon 5 and 3 Doors Down tickets? Meeeeeeee :-)

Although, it will be very hard to find a 3DD concert that can top their show with Lynyrd Skynyrd a few summers back... best. concert. ever!

Don't delay, this deal is only good from 10am until 10pm TODAY!


Wednesday, July 23 - 311/Snoop Dogg with Fiction Plane
Friday, July 25 - Projekt Revolution featuring Linkin Park
Tuesday, July 29 - Maroon 5/Counting Crows with Sara Bareilles
Sunday, August 10 - Journey with Heart & Cheap Trick
Saturday, September 6 - ZZ Top/Brooks & Dunn with Rodney Atkins
Tuesday, September 16 - 3 Doors Down with Hinder
Friday, September 19 - Music Builds with Third Day, Switchfoot
I've heard some complaints that it's only good for lawn seats, but that my friends - is the place to be!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Avoid CBW Like the Plague...

I've never experienced such poor retail management and customer service as I have with Carolina Bridal World in Smithfield (Wal-Mart included... and I hate that place)!

I wish I had read some of the reviews on local websites (CitySearch, etc.) since the issues my BFF bride-to-be is having now with CBW seems to be their M.O.

Once we have the bridesmaid dresses in hand and they're not conveniently "lost" or "damaged", I'll divulge the full dirt... but I just wanted to warn as many locals as I can ahead of time. Don't make the drive to Smithfield just for this place!

(I should have known we were at the wrong type of store when I saw a girl trying on a prom dress that looked like it'd be the dress of choice for any contestant in the Miss Ghetto pageant.)

Beaufort Water Festival - Part 2

I KNEW there had to be a better website for the Beaufort Water Festival and lo and behold, I've found it:

53rd Annual Beaufort Water Festival

Who in the heck is the previously referenced "Virtual Marketing Concepts" - the company claiming development of the previously referenced site - who built a event marketing-based website that did not even contain the event dates on the main page and included everything else as PDFs? (Business-owners beware... do not give them your money.)

So check it out... and enjoy some good ol' fashioned Budweiser sponsored events before InBev destroys the American favorite (thanks for the link Lisa S.!).

Auction for the Animals

Yay - another opportunity to help our four-legged friends!


Second Chance Pet Adoptions Announces 8th Annual Auction for the Animals

RALEIGH, NC – Second Chance Pet Adoptions is pleased announce the 8th Annual Auction for the Animals. The Auction will take place Saturday, July 19 from 7 to 10 pm at Caspar Park in Raleigh. There will be a silent auction and raffle with all proceeds benefitting Second Chance Pet Adoptions.

The proceeds from this year’s event will be used to continue to provide medical care for cats and dogs at the Second Chance Pet Adoption Center, developing new outreach programs focusing on abandoned and stray animals, providing support to foster families by providing medical, food, and supplies, and continuing to grow the new low cost AKC CAR micro-chipping program for dogs and cats that Second Chance has started this year.

Second Chance will be selling approximately 600 raffle tickets for $50 each. The grand prize winner of the drawing will receive a choice of trip for two people, for 7-12 days to Morocco, Tahiti, Peru or a European River Cruise, second prize will be a 37-inch LCD TV, and third prize is a $250 gift certificate to a local home improvement store. To purchase tickets or learn more about this event please visit


The mission of Second Chance is to rescue abandoned and stray cats and dogs, provide excellent care for each pet and match each pet with the best home for its needs, in order to ensure a long lifetime of safety, love and companionship. Second Chance also encourages responsible pet ownership through education, advocacy, programs and services. For more information please visit

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What I Love...

...about the South.

Thank you Rodney Atkins for a song that pays tribute:

"What I love (what I love)
About the South (about the South)
If you need a Dixie Fix just a' come on down
It's what I love (what I love)
About the South (about the South)
Southern Belles with a drawl make you stop and drop your jaw, come on y'all, shut your mouth....
And thank you Adrianne for a late-night blog post that was AWESOME to start my morning with:"So my Yankee boyfriend is consistently reminding me of what a Southerner I really am. Maybe I should to a blog miniseries on this...

Anyways, today's reminder of our regional differences: summer beverages.

Apparently, north of our nation's capital, they drink unsweetened crap tea and black coffee year round. Well not down here, thank goodness. There are a few things that every Southern needs in the summer:

* BBQ (the food, not the action, I'll have to share the language barrier we had based on that word some point in the future)
* Watermelons, peaches, and strawberries
* Some time at the beach/lake/sprinkler/your local body of water
* Potato salad
* Porches
* And of course, lemonade (Country Time, Chick-Fil-A, or freshly-squeezed. Pink or Regular. I'm not picky.)

Here's some recipes from for some summer lemonade for my fellow Southerns who will really appreciate it (aka Lil Lisa.)

And if you love lemonade and you happen to live in Raleigh then I'm going to tell you a secret. The city's best lemonade (and maybe the best BBQ) is at Cooper's Barbecue. It's downtown on Davie Street (across from Progress Energy) and you can get a BBQ sandwich, Lemonade, hushpuppies, and a side for $5. They only take cash but it's TOTALLY worth the trip to the ATM. That's my local endorsement of the day. :-P

P.S.: If you want your summer beverage done up grown-up style then remember, citrus vodka can always go in lemonade, no matter what flavor it is. :-)"
See there, she even graced everyone with a great BBQ joint recommendation!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Beaufort Water Festival

Big thanks to my favorite Zeta blogger for letting us all know about the awesomeness known as the Beaufort Water Festival!

If you've missed the first few weeks of events... don't worry! There's lots more going on now through Sunday, July 20th. Check out the full schedule online - there are lots of events going on every day... even during the week (warning: it's a PDF... at least that makes it print friendly).

Here's a little background info about the event:

The History Of The Beaufort Water Festival
In July of this year, the island county of Beaufort will celebrate its great heritage and present-day progress. Our Water Festival had its official roots in the 1930's, when sailboat races on the Beaufort River were accompanied by parties on shore. The Festival also dates to the antebellum era when plantation owners raced barges on our Lowcountry waters. Then, as now, Water Festival was a time filled with merrymaking of all kinds.

The Commodore and his crew invite you to share in the Annual Water Festival with this year's slate of events and activities. Many of the events take place in the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, a seven-acre recreational area in the heart of the Downtown Historic District overlooking the Beaufort River.

The Water Festival features dances and concerts, fine arts and crafts, an antique show, boat races, sporting events of all kinds, historic home and museum tours, a grand parade and a Lowcountry Supper with local shrimp and after-dinner entertainment plus much more!

The home of Water Festival, Beaufort, South Carolina, is the second oldest city in the state. Beaufort is nestled on the coast between Charleston, SC (70 miles north) and Savannah, GA (45 miles south), and is just an hour's drive from the popular resort island of Hilton Head. Beaufort is easily accessible from US Highway 17 or Interstate 95 (exits 38, 33 or 8).
Hmm... I wonder if I can get the boyfriend away from work for a few days?

"Recipes for Research" Now Available!

News from Mrs. Tammy with an update on great (and delicious) way to support Brittany's Battle:

We are thrilled to announce that our cookbook, Recipes for Research, is now available!

This exciting cookbook features recipes from some of your favorite NC Celebrities so you don't want to miss out on this exciting offer!

Two versions of this dynamic cookbook are available:
You can purchase a "download" version or order the hard copy!

For every cookbook sold, BBI receives a donation from the publisher,

You can order using the links above, or you can go to BBI's website and order it from there.

Thank you for your support and remember,
No One Deserves Cancer!
We miss you Britt! I can't wait to get this great cookbook... there will be many, many copies ordered as gifts for some very dearly loved ones.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Southern" Sugar Scrub

...because you know how Southern cooks are: directions are only "suggested" and anything goes.

Case in point, this afternoon I noticed an "icky" (if you will) peeling arm/shoulder. Crap, there were two of them. (Two weeks to the day after getting sunburned on Falls Lake with the Redneck Yacht Club.)

I went home and googled "homemade sugar scrub" and found a new fun website (with RSS feed!) and a recipe to boot.

Homemade Sugar Scrub | Healthy and Green Living

By Annie B. Bond, Care2 Green Living Executive Producer

"OK, folks. Get ready for almost unbelievably soft skin (even for those of us with older skin).

The other day I was speaking with Larry Pleasant, CEO of The Vermont Soapworks, and he mentioned that he and his staff had spent the morning testing homemade sugar scrubs, and that everyone was commenting on how incredibly soft their skin felt. Aware that sugar cane produces glycolic acid, one of the natural alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliates the skin, I was immediately curious about his recipes.

* 50 percent white cane sugar (note that organic sucanat, while the best choice for food, doesn’t work as well for this recipe)
* 50 percent vegetable glycerin to moisten the sugar (I used avocado oil since I was out of vegetable glycerin and it proved to be a successful substitute)
* Small amounts of aloe vera gel, vitamin C crystals, or anything healing that dissolves in water
* 1 or 2 drops of essential oil if desired (Larry recommends combining orange and lavender)
* Enough ground hibiscus powder for pink color (if desired)

Combine the ingredients in a bowl. Scoop some of the scrub onto your hand and massage gently onto your skin for a minute (the scrub will actually tighten onto your skin like a masque). Leave on for 3 to 4 minutes before rinsing.

Let me warn you in advance that you’ll want to use this sugar scrub on your entire body. I started on my face, returned to my desk, and my skin felt so baby soft that the skin on my neck felt like sandpaper, so I needed to use the sugar scrub there, and on and on."
Here's how mine went:Ingredients (with SUPER technical measurements)
* 1 plastic bowl (and a fork to mix with)
* Enough sugar to fill the bottom of the bowl
* A squeeze of honey (for consistency... seemed like a good idea to me!)
* A little bit of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil for those of you who aren't Rach fans)
* A squirt of lemon juice
* A few drops of lavender essential oil (for smell)
* Some bath salts (also for smell)

Mix all of the above. Hop in the shower with a poof or a washcloth and enjoy SUPER soft skin!
I even got to skip the after-shower lotion because this was that awesome. I basically got an idea of what would work and just "went to work" gathering what was available in my kitchen.

The only changes I would possibly make would be for coconut oil (or another yummy smelling oil) in place of EVOO and to add the aloe gel... I forgot about that part even though I had some on hand.

I wouldn't recommend this in the morning... some of the oil could leave spots on clothes. (I'm wearing linen pants and a tank-top right now with no problem though!)

For You Female Entrepreneurs Out There...

I know there are quite a few business girls like me who read my blog (thank you!) so I wanted to share... SCORE is one of my favorite small business resources. That and the SBA. Check out your local affiliates!

From Sue Stock, local business N&O writer & blogger:

SCORE launches site for women...

SCORE, the organization that has helped thousands of small businesses get off the ground, has launched a special Web site for female entrepreneurs. The Web site provides tools, mentoring, workshops and articles specifically for women. You can find the new site at
Please feel free to share any of your business resources and successes, too!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

More NASCAR Love...

I'm sure my fashion blog readers were shocked when I did a post dedicated to Under Armour & NASCAR... but I mean c'mon... NASCAR's awesome.

The commercials are hilarious, the sport is downright exciting to sit in the stands (or your living room with surround sound) in the midst of, and it's the last great American sport to still let you bring your own "beverages of choice" and snacks in the "park" with you!

I noticed an email that came for Nick yesterday (pre-forwarding his RR account to the hotmail one he actually uses) from Obviously, the following caught my eye:

I told him that Ryan Newman and his wife look like our kind of people... (to which the Kahne-iac scoffed at), but then I said: "just look at those causes and that puppy's face - he looks like a Tanker". There's no avoiding it, they do seem to be our kind of people!

(Note: All dogs are "puppies" to me and "Tanker" is in reference to our big boy, pictured here.)

Some of programs supported through The Ryan Newman Foundation include:

And finally, what's a NASCAR email without thinking of my daddy:

If I had money coming out of my ears, Daddy would be the proud owner of that fire suit. Watch the story about it... the poster in reference, actually sits framed in Dad's office.

How cool would THAT be?

Nick says that auction will go for the likes of $20K+ and I'm pretty sure Dad would wring my neck if I paid that much for a fire suit... but boy can a girl dream of the BEST GIFT EVER FOR DEAR OL' DAD!

Frozen Deliciousness addict right here, folks.

These awesome recipes from (living large on a small budget) are super simple... and sound awesome. Will be making some of these ASAP.

Cool Off With Six Simple DIY Frozen TreatsI'm a fresh fruit junkie, so these will be whipped up first:Frozen fruit bars – These are my favorite, and unfortunately, they are the most costly of all my freezer-case passions. Choosing bars with no sugar or organically-grown will cost you more, so why not make them yourself?

Here is a super recipe from SparkPeople to get you started (you can omit the sugar, add 100% fruit juice to help in the blending process, or substitute organic fruit.) Sticking to one or two kinds of fruit keep them simple and yummy!

* Blend 2 cups cut-up summer fruit (strawberries, peaches, watermelon, etc.) in a blender until smooth.
* Add 1-2 tablespoons water (or juice), if necessary.
* Add 1 tablespoon sugar and 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
* Cover and blend until well mixed.
* Pour into molds and freeze until solid.
Also included on WiseBread's DIY freezer treats: pudding pops, frozen yogurt bars, ice-cream bars, popsicles, and frozen bananas.

Friday, July 11, 2008

July is "Firefighter Appreciation Month"

From the City of Raleigh eNewsgram:

Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker will proclaim the month of July as “Firefighter Appreciation Month” at a press conference scheduled for Monday, July 14 at 10:30 a.m. The event will be held at the Firefighter Memorial in Nash Square Park.

The conference is hosted by the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) to honor City of Raleigh Firefighters. The event will also kick off the firefighter’s “Fill-The-Boot” campaign to raise funds for MDA. Firefighters across the country have been raising money for the MDA since 1954. The Raleigh Fire Department has hosted the “Fill-The-Boot” campaign for the past 10 years.
Additionally, a quick Google found more info on the success of this event from the Downtown Raleigh Alliance:In recognition of Raleigh firefighters’ dedication to battle against neuromuscular disease, Mayor Meeker will proclaim July “Firefighter Appreciation Month” at the firefighter memorial in Nash Square.

Committed to the eradication of neuromuscular diseases, Raleigh firefighters have been long-time friends and supporters of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Fill-the-Boot drives are the primary means by which firefighters have raised over $320 million for MDA since 1953.

Last year, Raleigh firefighters raised over $12,000 in support of MDA. Fill-The-Boot funds support MDA’s services locally and nationally, including medical clinics staffed with specialists in muscle disease and accessible summer camps for kids. Nationwide, firefighters raised $25 million in 2007. The mayor’s proclamation will precede Raleigh’s Fill-The-Boot campaign on July 26, during which 100 of Raleigh’s firefighters will take to the streets for the tenth consecutive year to raise funds for MDA.

MDA is a voluntary health agency working to defeat more than 40 neuromuscular diseases through programs of worldwide research, comprehensive services, and far-reaching professional and public health education. The Association’s programs are funded almost entirely by individual private contributions.
This is one contribution that the "girl who never carries cash" would gladly find some cash for! (As well as Barry's Feed the Firefighters organization... that supports those who are clearly such public servants in all aspects of their jobs.)

A Little Southern Humor for Today...

Thanks Aunt Deb!

How to Install a Home Security System in the South
1. Go to a second-hand store and buy a pair of men’s used size 14-16 work boots.

2. Place them on your front porch, along with a copy of Guns & Ammo Magazine.

3. Put a few giant dog dishes next to the boots and magazines.

4. Leave a note on your door that reads:

"Hey Bubba,

Me, Big Jim, Duke and Slim went for more ammunition.
Back in an hour.

Don’t mess with the pit bulls– they attacked the mailman this morning and messed him up real bad. I don’t think Killer took part in it but it was hard to tell from all the blood. Anyway, I locked all four of ‘em in the house. Better wait outside.

Clearly, that's not relevant AT ALL in the Jeffries family...

(From left to right... sort of: Cybill, my "little" sister Mandy, Rocky, Alfie, Delta, Tank, Me, and Sonar. Christmas card picture, December 2007 at Mom and Pop's house.)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update: NC Ag Jam

First, let me say how super exciting it was to get a personal update in my comments from a blogger by the name of Jeff (who I'm guessing may have something to do with the event) - thanks Jeff!!

So here's the skinny... I hope to see ALL of you at this great event. I will be there with bells on! (Please note that metaphor of "bells" really implies cowgirl boots.)

Original Post: NC AG Jam

Update: The Diet Pepsi Got to Be NC Ag Jam has been announced.

Blake Shelton, Tracy Byrd, Eric Church, Jake Owen, Jamey Johnson, Heartland and Blackberry Smoke will perform.

Gates will open at 11am with music starting at Noon.

This is an all day event and tickets will start at $15 (Lawn) up to $25 (Gold Circle) for all day (on sale July 26).

Local, North Carolina companies will sample and sell products. This is not your typical show, it will be a one of a kind event.

The site,, is up and running for more information.
My tailgating buddy Craig found me at the bar last night to tell me about this... silly boy... he should've known I was WELL aware of this already! I am really stoked about getting to see Eric and Jake LIVE!!!

Soon-to-Be Tailgating Favorites!

Mandy from Swagger is at market this week... and the good stuff is already coming back to town via her market update blog posts!

I have a feeling these southern collegiate essentials she blogged about yesterday are going to be totally necessary come football season:

Market Watch July 08 - Day 3
Today we found some really great collegiate gifts! One of my favorites was this grill cover! I would have been in the photo but I the sample was a UGA grill cover and I went to Georgia Tech so there was NOOOO way that was going to happen! I forced my mom to be in it but I think she dislikes them as much as I do!:)

One of my other favorite gifts was a really cool coozie that was magnetic so you could stick it to the side of your car when you are tailgating - now that is a great idea! The salesman said you can even stick it to the side of your lawn mower - now you might be a redneck if.....:) I will let you guys know when we actually get this stuff in the store!

I am really excited about the koozies that you can have your car hold for you... you know, for when you don't have a free hand thanks to the plate of bbq in one, and your fork in the other! It's freakin' genius I tell ya.

I double love the redneck inspiration to have your lawnmower hold your beer while you cut the grass. (Chad from A-1 Lawn will be getting one for Christmas this year no doubt!)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Up...

Quote of the day:

"I rarely fall in love with kitchen gadgets. For the most part, they do what they do, I do what I do, it works, and we move on. This is an exception."Lisa S. is only a few posts in to her new blog... but I have a feeling it's going to become a daily read for a good chunk of y'all who enjoy detailing your own "domestic adventures and mishaps" (to put it mildly) on your blogs that are in my Google reader.My Domestic AdventuresCheck it out and add it to your daily reads, too. I mean, what's not to love about a blog with a post dedicated to a mini-food processor?!

PS - Polos & Pearls... invite please? Thanks doll!
PS #2 - Any of my other lovely readers who are private who have yet to comment... can I go ahead and preemptively request an invite? is the name... reading blogs about all things Southern is my game!

Finally! Something Useful from UNC...

Har, har, har. Had to jump at the opportunity to pick on the silly hue of blue down the road.

I do love this article though from TBJ... more reason for me to return to 4-a-weeks at Buckhead (ie: hanging out all on each of the four nights Buckhead is open each week). Lace up those drinkin' boots Renee!

UNC study links alcohol abstinence with depressionCheers!

PS - $5 says Ashton can use this in her daily email/blog tomorrow and that it'll be the most popular link of the day. Sign of the impending apocalypse too possibly?

Monday, July 07, 2008

Local Legend Finally Officially Closes

For anyone who follows my MySpace blog on truly random stuff... this shouldn't be surprising.

Longbranch Saloon shuts down in bankruptcy messWhile I rallied behind them in their first attempt to recover, the fact that they still employed the use of stiff cover charges, no acceptance of any kind of credit/debit cards, and maintained a staff with an attitude worse than any DMV office is still something I've yet to be able comprehend.

I guarantee you I run up a much higher bar tab when I've opened a tab with a card than when I'm paying with cash.

(Actually, while on the phone with a Nashville booking agent a few weeks ago, I mentioned to said agent that "the Longbranch still to this day doesn't take any type of credit card" and he laughed hysterically louder than I've ever heard any grown man laugh in my life. Ouch.)

PS - Bartenders that smile and say "you're welcome" when guests thank them for their drink and leave a tip usually help, too. I'm just sayin'...

PPS - Also via MySpace (and trust me, I cringe writing that... I truly do detest MySpace), the "artist formerly known as the Longbranch DJ" writes that the newest place in the Triangle for country music is... Sinners and Saints Saloon?

While I think the name is quite nice, I don't see it being on constant repeat in my calendar. For one, it's in Clayton. I'm all for visiting my Johnston Co. folks for a hell-raisin' good time... but not for a $10 membership fee with a $10 annual renewal.

City Limits and Buckhead Saloon can go after the country music market all they want and have me along for the ride any day over that crap. (Ok, excuse my crabbiness as I will probably possess said membership if they book enough country acts so that the fee is off-set by a member-price savings at each event... but in all honesty... I'm very skeptical. We'll have to see what happens.)

Volunteers Needed for the 15h Annual Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic

If you're in Pinehurst, or care to be on August 10th, please consider volunteering for the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic! It is SO much fun and for such a great cause.

Volunteers Needed for the 15h Annual Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic
Cary --- Each year, the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic, one of the nation’s premier celebrity golf events, strives to raise money to help find a cure for cancer and change the lives of those facing this terrible disease, but they cannot do it alone; they need your help. The 15th annual Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic is scheduled for August 10, 2008 at the world famous Pinehurst Resort® in Pinehurst, NC and volunteers are needed in several key areas.

Volunteers were the center of Jimmy V’s dream when he started The V Foundation. One of his favorite concepts was that ordinary people, working together, are able to achieve extraordinary things. The magical weekend is made possible because of the tireless efforts of more than 1,000 volunteers; ordinary people working with extraordinary passion to make things run smoothly and helping to achieve the goal of finding a cure for cancer.

How To Volunteer
To register, visit and fill out the online application. All volunteers must be at least 16 years old. Volunteer positions needing the most help are Marshals, Transportation and Standard Bearers. For questions regarding volunteering, please call (919) 656-6926 or email to

“Volunteers are what make this event so magical,” said Pam Valvano Strasser, wife of the late Jim Valvano. “I just love to meet all the amazing people who make a difference and make this magnificent tournament possible. It is, by far, the best part of the weekend for me.”

Don't Miss This Downtown Event

I think I can find a few hours in my Wednesday to check this out!

"Hot Air 'Balloon' Tour over Downtown Raleigh!"
Wednesday, July 9

Attend the Raleigh, NC. stop of Americans for Prosperity's nationwide hot air balloon tour at the Halifax Mall Behind the General Assembly on Jones Street.

We invite you and your entire family to come out for our event, which will feature music, free food, t-shirts, and free tethered hot air balloon rides (weather permitting).

At our event you will also learn about the serious threat global warming alarmism poses to our prosperity, including legislation being considered by Congress that would more than double gasoline prices.

The entire event is free and begins at 11:30am!
Dear Mother Nature: Please, please, please hold out until after this event!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

One Small Request

I love reading (and writing!) blogs, all kinds of blogs: Raleigh blogs, Downtown blogs, business blogs, tech blogs, wedding blogs, tech blogs, and of course... the random blogs that are more like journals.

Here's a simple request I have for those of you who enjoy writing blogs too: please blog often about things you find important! Take me for example - the girl with a special place in her heart for animals (especially puppies). Why you ask? Google.

My marketing background has taught me the importance of testimonials and word of mouth and it makes me SO happy to read emails like this:

Hi Lisa,
I did a google search on our facility and your blog entry about DBTT came up. Thank you so much for your kind words about us! I hope all is well with you and Delta!


Carole Smith (Lawler)
Development Director
SPCA of Wake County
Phone (919) 532-7065
Fax (919) 772-2482
As I told Carole, they are most certainly welcome and I truly mean every positive word I've ever said/written about the SPCA of Wake County.

I look forward to supporting y'all and reading about your favorites! Almost everything that I'm passionate about has been thanks to a friend or family member who has introduced me to things they find important.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ready to Shag?

I'm dedicating this post to Beaufort Belle who told me in my comments that I really caught her eye with my beach music posts... so here you are dear and thanks for the comment!

NC State Alumni Beach Music Party

Whether you shag every weekend or you just enjoy the music, join the Wake County NC State Alumni Club and the Meredith Alumnae Association for a Beach Music Party!

Music will be provided by Soul Dog, one of Raleigh's finest beach music DJs.

July 17, 2008
6:00 - 6:30 p.m. Shag Lessons
6:30 - 9:00 p.m. Beach Music Party

Dorothy and Roy Park Alumni Center
2450 Alumni Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27606

$15 in advance or $20 at the door - includes hors doeuvres and raffle ticket.
Cash Bar

Register by July 11, 2008
This sounds like a really, REALLY fun alumni event. I'm sure I can count Miss Styron in for this one ;-)

Newsworthy? Not So Much.

Proof that either A: NC has not gotten as big and grown-up as we'd like to think or, B: a writer/producer at WRAL still has a chip on her shoulder for not being crowned homecoming queen.

This just came as a top news alert to my email inbox (note: I'm only signed up for the most important news headlines and weather alerts): Breaking News: Vance County sheriff's daughter charged with DWI
The Vance County sheriff's daughter has been charged with DWI in connection with an Easter Sunday traffic stop.

Keep up with breaking news at
See, I don't really consider that need to know or important enough to have emailed to my blackberry. I guess that's one way to drive traffic to your site on a slow news day to sell online advertising. I was really tempted to unsubscribe last week when I got a brief summary of the recently un-sealed documents from the Eve Carson case (a prime example of the lack of class by N&O)... and this really tips the scale even more. I bet that's not exactly the type of traffic WRAL was anticipating from me, huh?

Update: Summertime in Raleighwood

So this is a post update, almost a year in the making! (Please forgive my utter-disregard for doing anything blog-related in a timely fashion.)

Original post here, for those of you who haven't been an avid reader since day 1: Summertime in Raleighwood

Sidetrack Brewpub --> Boylan Bridge Brewpub
: A lot has gone down in the making of "Sidetrack Brewpub" (who received a cease and desist demand out of Chicago, IL I believe... which I still maintain is a load of crap that someone can claim the right to the word "sidetrack"). The re-named Boylan Bridge Brewpub is scheduled to open August 25th - thanks for the update Ashton & Leo! For a hands down best view of Raleigh... their patio (see pics here) which I've been driving by every day is where I'll be spending some time. I'm not a beer girl, but I'll admit it, I'm in it for the view.

Big Boss Brewing

Big Boss Brewery:
When Buckhead first opened, we carried Big Boss. We don't anymore, but that sure doesn't stop me from recommending it anyone who truly enjoys beer. Go on their brewery tour sometime... it's a crap ton (official term there) of FUN and you get to sample some of their brews for free. Sales Manager Jonny Johnson sends out a weekly email of their local happenings too for any of you interested in getting on that list. I've been a fan of his since I first met him at one of their Monday night tastings (teamed up with a local wine distributor, too) at The Point. I've been an even bigger fan since finding out about his love and support for the SPCA.

And since my original post included the nickname "Raleighwood", I figured that'd be a great opportunity to introduce an event we have coming up at Buckhead this month that I'm really excited about. (And if any of you win the free trip to Hollywood.... you have to take me since I told you about it :-))

I'm sure I'll have some free tickets to the party to give away... so let me know via comments or email if you'd like some!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New Retailer in Downtown Raleigh

From my retail therapy blog, just a bit about a new retailer downtown that will be changing up the merchandise regularly - constantly offering up new merchandise to Downtown shoppers!

Purple Armchair in Downtown RaleighAnyone had the pleasure of shopping here yet?