Thursday, July 03, 2008

Newsworthy? Not So Much.

Proof that either A: NC has not gotten as big and grown-up as we'd like to think or, B: a writer/producer at WRAL still has a chip on her shoulder for not being crowned homecoming queen.

This just came as a top news alert to my email inbox (note: I'm only signed up for the most important news headlines and weather alerts): Breaking News: Vance County sheriff's daughter charged with DWI
The Vance County sheriff's daughter has been charged with DWI in connection with an Easter Sunday traffic stop.

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See, I don't really consider that need to know or important enough to have emailed to my blackberry. I guess that's one way to drive traffic to your site on a slow news day to sell online advertising. I was really tempted to unsubscribe last week when I got a brief summary of the recently un-sealed documents from the Eve Carson case (a prime example of the lack of class by N&O)... and this really tips the scale even more. I bet that's not exactly the type of traffic WRAL was anticipating from me, huh?

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