Thursday, July 17, 2008

What a Let Down...

So my previous post on how Live Nation > Ticketbastards... maybe not so much.

I go to buy my $10 Journey and Three Doors Down tickets just a few moments ago and this is what I was faced with, once I got through the hype:

9/16/08 6:00 PM 3 DOORS DOWN LAWN L18 117 $10.00 Parking Fee $6.00
Convenience Fee $4.45
Are you kidding me?

Parking is $6.00/person (NOT VEHICLE!) for a gravel lot that is manned by the biggest douche-baggery staff I've ever met? No thank you.

Since when is it appropriate to charge more than double with "applicable fees"? That sounds VERY Ticketmaster-ish to me (just google "ticketbastards" to find so many other who also hate the ticketing monopoly).

I have been fairly impresed with the significantly higher level of service provided by Live Nation. I do however, continue to be harassed by the parking nazis at Walnut Creek... tailgate after tailgate and would prefer not to keep them employed.

Time to mull over how much I hate this - enough to pay double in fees? Am I really saving anything or was this just a clever marketing ploy that caught even Little Miss Marketing herself captive?

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