Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Avoid CBW Like the Plague...

I've never experienced such poor retail management and customer service as I have with Carolina Bridal World in Smithfield (Wal-Mart included... and I hate that place)!

I wish I had read some of the reviews on local websites (CitySearch, etc.) since the issues my BFF bride-to-be is having now with CBW seems to be their M.O.

Once we have the bridesmaid dresses in hand and they're not conveniently "lost" or "damaged", I'll divulge the full dirt... but I just wanted to warn as many locals as I can ahead of time. Don't make the drive to Smithfield just for this place!

(I should have known we were at the wrong type of store when I saw a girl trying on a prom dress that looked like it'd be the dress of choice for any contestant in the Miss Ghetto pageant.)


  1. omg....I randomly stopped there on my way to Myrtle Beach 2 summers ago (I'm from MD) and I was with my mother and sister who was getting married and that has to be the most GHETTO Bridal shop ever, I totally agree! we stopped at a million trying to find her the perfect unity candle and that did top the list of them!

  2. I will be sure to spread the word. It sounds like a nightmare. I bought my wedding dress at Diva's in Greensboro, and the service was spectacular. The Blissful Belle also bought her dress there.

  3. A lot of girls our age have never experienced a true dress store such as Norma's in Goldsboro. The kind where they pick out the dresses for you, you try them on, come out and stand in the three way mirror, everyone oohs and ahhs and you go home out $150. Having been to CBW before a few years back, it's not like that at all. The small personal store is the kind of bridal store to look for!

  4. ^ Exactly. The "huge selection" which seems to be the only positive thing I've ever heard about CBW is just not anything to write home about.