Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Obligatory Wedding Post

I think know the South has a very awesome way of making weddings better than any other geographic region, so I read a few wedding blogs. Read: a few, not hundreds of the thousands that are out there - mostly scanning for looks and pictures I just like.

I can't even tell you why I enjoy a great inspiration board, especially since I constantly tell the BF we're just going to pack up and head to Jamaica and tell everyone to meet us there for the weekend, but I just do.

Anyway, I digress - we are in the height of wedding season and I would like to remind everyone of one thing before I throw a few fab links out there: please do not get married during football season and if you must, please do not schedule your wedding the same date as NCSU vs. UNC... I'm sorry, but I will not be able to attend. Thankfully, the BFF is marrying the biggest State fan I know - so we're good in that department. (I don't think he'd show up if the wedding date was November 22nd, either.)

Anyway, here's a few posts from the very few wedding blogs I subscribe to that were too awesome not to share:

I hope you brides-to-be who read this blog enjoy those links (and anyone else who just down-right appreciates a great Southern wedding)!


  1. WOW! Thanks so much for the very cool post. We are thrilled to have you as a reader! Love your blog!

  2. Amen to football! Those of us on the water also have to blend fishing tournaments! I will not be seeing ECU @ UVA :-(

  3. Amen sister! although I think one one my friends who is getting married soon has made a bigger boo boo than that... Labor day weekend (and not, its not a beach wedding or is it early enough for us to leave and go to the beach afterward!) If yall get married at Kenan, can me and LB get invited and sit in our season ticket seats?? ;)

  4. Hahaha, absolutely! You'll be top of the guest list... and we won't let anyone claim your rightful seats in the stands :-)