Monday, July 14, 2008

Beaufort Water Festival

Big thanks to my favorite Zeta blogger for letting us all know about the awesomeness known as the Beaufort Water Festival!

If you've missed the first few weeks of events... don't worry! There's lots more going on now through Sunday, July 20th. Check out the full schedule online - there are lots of events going on every day... even during the week (warning: it's a PDF... at least that makes it print friendly).

Here's a little background info about the event:

The History Of The Beaufort Water Festival
In July of this year, the island county of Beaufort will celebrate its great heritage and present-day progress. Our Water Festival had its official roots in the 1930's, when sailboat races on the Beaufort River were accompanied by parties on shore. The Festival also dates to the antebellum era when plantation owners raced barges on our Lowcountry waters. Then, as now, Water Festival was a time filled with merrymaking of all kinds.

The Commodore and his crew invite you to share in the Annual Water Festival with this year's slate of events and activities. Many of the events take place in the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, a seven-acre recreational area in the heart of the Downtown Historic District overlooking the Beaufort River.

The Water Festival features dances and concerts, fine arts and crafts, an antique show, boat races, sporting events of all kinds, historic home and museum tours, a grand parade and a Lowcountry Supper with local shrimp and after-dinner entertainment plus much more!

The home of Water Festival, Beaufort, South Carolina, is the second oldest city in the state. Beaufort is nestled on the coast between Charleston, SC (70 miles north) and Savannah, GA (45 miles south), and is just an hour's drive from the popular resort island of Hilton Head. Beaufort is easily accessible from US Highway 17 or Interstate 95 (exits 38, 33 or 8).
Hmm... I wonder if I can get the boyfriend away from work for a few days?

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