Friday, January 30, 2009

"Home Made Simple" Looking for Some Raleighs

From the City of Raleigh eNews:

Cable Network Television Show to Film Episodes in Raleigh

“Home Made Simple,” a show on the cable television network TLC (The Learning Channel) is in Raleigh to film six episodes.

Producers are looking for Raleigh residents to feature on the show. The show features three types of people:

* Volunteers who help others in the community;
* People who have recently or are currently overcoming adversity and need a “little pick-me-up”; and,
* People who need assistance organizing to homes to host a dinner party, book club meeting, fundraisers or other event.

To nominate yourself or someone else to appear on “Home Made Simple,” email the following information to

* Name of the nominee;
* Contact information for the nominee;
* The nominee’s story (i.e., always giving to others, needs help planning an event, adversity faced);
* Pictures of the nominee’s family and their home.

If you are unable to email the information, Ms. Levine, the show’s casting producer, can be reached at (617) 777-3934.

“Home Made Simple” airs on Saturdays at noon on TLC, which is cable Channel 39 on Time Warner Cable.
I've never seen this show, but I'll have to check it out now - especially when the Raleigh episode airs!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear XM Radio

Every morning that I'm planning on being in the office for a bit, I launch Firefox and so I can listen to The Highway (formerly Highway 16) and whatever else fits my fancy that day.

Today, this is what I was greeted with:

"Screw that." - was my first response. "I beg you pardon?" - was my second.

Let me preface this by saying that every single vehicle in my family has either XM or Sirius radio. Thanks to the merger, XM/Sirius has a good deal of business with us. Each vehicle has a removable satellite radio unit so we can use them in the house, on the boat, wherever. Technically, I could do the same in my office, but the reception isn't great since this is a commercial building constructed of primarily metal. I am however, not above engineering up a solution to avoid being charged for something I've always been provided as an included service.

Plus, the online radio service isn't THAT good anyway. The "what's playing now" feature (so you can see what's on other stations before you change the channel) never auto-updates anymore.

Finally, I'm not the world's best copywriter, but I'm pretty sure I could've damn well figured out a better, more eloquent way to say "renew your contract now if you still want this free service of be prepared to ante up more money". Don't play games with me XM, I will win.

PS - XM Radio... I HOPE you find this blog post and feel a little embarrassed. I would too if I were you.

[End Rant]

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Close!

Know how I mentioned my excitement and love for Brewskee-Ball before?

Well, in the interest of full disclaimer, I think it's important to note the following: my team is no kind of good.

Second disclaimer: we're only no kind of good when we need to be. I rolled about a billion hundos (100's) AFTER our game just goofing off last week. Must be the high stress of having to perform when it matters.

We will not go 0-8, Rollin' Skiiirty (mid-season name change has yet to be approved by the commish) WILL experience the sweet, sweet taste of victory this week. Promise.

Can I get a little luck for Thursday?

In other news, looks as if Skeeson 2 will be starting very soon after the conclusion of Skeeson 1.
If any of you Raleighs want to join up for the next, drop me a note!

Bring your own team or come as individuals... it doesn't matter - it's all about the good time, good drinks, and good people.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Passing of a Legend

After my post last week on one of my favorite Local Legends, I'm sure you can image how heartbroken I was to find out Saturday morning that our beloved Coach Yow had passed away that morning.

By Saturday afternoon, I couldn't even get on facebook, WRAL, or ESPN and read any more of the tributes because it was just too much.

My nails are painted pink today (and will stay that way) in honor of Coach Yow.

Here are some of the amazing tributes and coverage that have been produced so far in loving memory of Coach Yow:

WRAL - Yow: 38 years of coaching, inspiration
ESPN - Remembering Yow
ESPN - Kay Yow's Legacy
And quite possibly the most moving of all - I think Jeff Gravley's emotion illustrates what all of us in Wolfpack Nation (and all fans of Coach Yow, for that matter) are feeling right now:
Those are some of the best, but both WRAL and ESPN have so much more available if you're looking for more."My hope is that this funding will help to change the lives of many men and women who face this opponent daily. Cancer is something that touches everyone's life and it is important to understand that we all can make a difference. Each of you can be a part of finding an answer. Join me today and let's beat cancer once and for all!" -Kay Yow

In lieu of sending flowers, donations can be made to the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund at, by calling 1-800-4JimmyV, or by mailing checks to the WBCA with attention Megan Smith at 4646 Lawrenceville Hwy. Lilburn, GA 30047. All donations are tax deductible.

Image Credit:,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Small Request

Tank and Delta would love your help again... this time in supporting Delta's first home before she found her way to us (and a place that I've blogged about many times before): The SPCA of Wake County.

You may remember that Independent Animal Rescue of Durham won last year... I wholeheartedly believe this happened in part from the support that so many of you offered with your votes and from sharing the same message within your networks.

The winning shelter receives a much-needed donation of $10,000 from!

If everyone who reads this could take just a few seconds to click through and vote for the SPCA we would all greatly appreciate it and if you could pass the word along, we'd love you forever!

Here's the link hereeeeee:

Wags & Sloppy Wet Kisses,
Tank and Delta

Friday, January 23, 2009

Southern Favorites: Carolina Cup

Oh fair Carolina Cup... how you've alluded me all through undergrad (always being the same weekend as sorority initiation). Rest assured, I will be prepped to the t's and tailgating with my favorites alongside a horse race that many will never see this year though.

Saturday, March 28th, 2009 - mark your calendars people!

I was SUPER excited to see a Facebook update today from the Carolina Cup Racing Association with the following note:'Cupperwear'!!!!!!!

Time to start thinking about what you're going to wrap yourselves in at the Cup this year! Stayed tuned for my latest picks for this season's hottest Cup outfits!!!!!!!!
I have a feeling that will make for some fantastic Southern blog posts as we follow along with the mini-series.

PS - In addition to facebook, you can also find them on MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube. Nice job on the social media marketing, y'all!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Super Bowl Recessionistas

Yup - just used another buzz word - "recessionistas".

This year we'll be doing Super Bowl festivities with college friends at casa de Adrianne, Joey, and Sweetie... but not to the tune of $57.00/person! My word... apparently our manfriends could equally as well pull us out of a recession as we girls can spend money on shopping, entertaining, and traveling.

In the spirit of not breaking the bank on the 'Bowl.... let's do some recipe sharing. My first comes from Nick's mom (who luckily has me to share these kinds of things with as Nick only has a brother):

Super Bowl Dip

-1 pkg Velveeta Cheese (I got for the healthier version and you can also mix in other flavors of shredded cheese for kick... ie: pepper jack?)
-1 lb sausage (you can go less)
-1 lb beef (again, you can go less)
-1 bottle of salsa
-A few spoonfuls of sour cream

Brown the meats in a skillet and melt the cheese.
Combine all ingredients in a large (and I mean large) mixing bowl.
Serve hot.
SO easy and our friends LOVE it.

Local Legends: Coach Kay Yow

I cannot even begin to express how much I admire Coach Kay Yow and what an amazing inspiration she is to all of us here in Wolfpack Country. The following email came across my inbox this morning:

"You may have seen in today's paper that Kay Yow remains in the hospital. Her condition is very serious. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. This is yet another of many examples as to why our effort in cancer research is so critical."Here's wishing the best to Coach Yow - please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! To read more about her amazing career check out and her wiki.

Image Credit:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Calling All Raleigh/Cary/Apex Readers

Normally, I'm not a big McDonald's girl (unless it's 2am and chicken nuggets are about as good as it's gonna get), but this is so worth doing fast food for lunch and dinner.

If you're in the area, or know anyone who might be, please pass this along!

Kristi Winters (Walker) Family Fundraiser

On Feb 5th at the Lake Pine McDonald's in Apex we will be having a fundraiser for the family of Kristi Walker who is a young woman fighting cancer. On that day from 11am to 11pm we will give 50% of all sales for both drive thru and inside purchases. We will also have someone collecting separate donations during this period.

It is wonderful that people have made so many request for separate donations if you cannot attend, here is the info: 100% of all separate donations go to the family.

Please make checks payable to: KTL McDonald's, in the memo line please put "Kristi Winters Walker Fund"

Mail to: Attn: Kristi Winter Walker Fund
320 North Salem Street Suite 104 Apex NC 27502

We hope to see you then!! It is a great cause for a family who needs our support!!

Info on Kristi
Chuck and Kristi Walker are the proud parents of 3 young boys, Cade (4 1/2), Mason (2), and Zane (newborn).

During Kristi's third trimester of pregnancy with Zane she started experiencing extreme back and hip pain, requiring her to be put on bedrest. On Friday, October 17th, Kristi was admitted for an emergency C-section due to what was believed to be 'Hellp Syndrome'.

Kristi was transported to UNC Hospital following the birth, and after several days of extensive testing, the doctors diagnosed Kristi with Stage IV breast cancer with metastasis in the liver, spine and pelvis.

Please if anyone have question please feel free to email me or call (919)606-6069)!!
Thanks, Shannon Haynie
Here's the event on facebook to enable easy sharing!

50% of sales is VERY GENEROUS so I hope anyone who can will be willing to stop by.

Go Pack!

We may not be able to beat Duke in basketball (in Cameron), but we've still got better commercials.

PS - You see that brick (duh, it is State still) building over his left shoulder? That's where I spent all of my time in undergrad... the COT!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow in Raleighwood!

My camera did NOT want to work with all the bright white this morning (that's it - I'm getting the digital SRL THIS WEEK!) and then somehow along the way, I deleted everything we took before 6pm. *Doh!*

Please pardon how dark everything is...

Tank's First *Real* Snow
(he's seen a bit before, nothing like this though... Delta's been with us for a blizzard before)

On YouTube

and In Pictures
And some of my local favorites:Whit's Snow Day
Snow over Glenwood South
Matt's amazing pics on
Nick just confirmed it, we received 5.5 inches here!

Attention "Raleigh" People

This also came to me today via the Ruckus email newsletter:

It's a free service, but I would have paid good money for this a few nights ago when it was freeeeezing and I was refusing to leave the townhouse... or cook.

PS - I put "Raleigh" as such because it looks like most restaurants are in Cary, Morrisville, and Durham... but real Raleigh kids know that it's all relative... unless you're in North NORTH Raleigh.

Local Bar & Restaurant: {New} Ruckus

"New Ruckus" isn't really the name, but it's what we call it in my social circle.

The original, a dive-y sort of bar in Mission Valley (sandwiched in between NCSU's main and Centennial campuses) with some darn good bar food is a stark contrast to the new Ruckus Pizza, Pasta, and Spirits near my Mom and Dad's house in the "Swift Creek" area of suburban Raleigh, NC bordering Cary, NC.

It has become a regular lunch and dinner spot for us as it is smack in between our townhouse and Adrianne and Joey's - so much so that we did NYE there. (Besides, we sure weren't passing up $3 homemade Limoncello - which was super delish, $4 Sweet Tea Vodkas, and $12 bottles of champagne with NO COVER.)

They have an equally exciting promo coming up that I thought I would share as it's very Southern appropriate and currently appropriate:Wii Tournament!
Hosted by Magic Hat Brewery

Grand Prize -- 2 trips to Charleston, SC

Every Tuesday Night at 9pm
Jan 20th (Tonight) thru Feb 24th (Fat Tuesday)

Come show us your Wii Sports skills and win great prizes from Magic Hat with $3.50 Magic Hat Beers all night long!

Join us on Fat Tuesday for the finals. Win a trip to Charleston just for being here!
And to top it all off - 1/2 off bottles of wine on Tuesdays. Take a wild guess where you'll be able to find me on Tuesdays? There are two free trips to Charleston up for grabs - perfect for me, Nick, Adrianne, and Joey. :-)

I'd put money that if G.R.I.T.S were a Raleigh girl she'd be attending too for the Charleston promo!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Calling All Region 2 Pi Phis!

I'm super excited to see that the power and ease of use of blogging technology is making its way up the Pi Phi ladder!

Just for you Region 2 alums (here's the map if you need to figure out just what region you're in), our quarterly newsletter just informed me that we have a blog for staying updated... sweet! Check out "Ring Ching" here.

For all other Pi Phis, here's hoping I'll see all of you in Texas this summer!

Great Giveaway for You Southern Chefs

I received some delicious responses to yesterday's post about Natty Light Chicken and cooking with beer.

In honor of that, I'm posting a fantastic giveaway that everyone would be crazy not to enter themselves into!

My favorite local gift and decorative accessories boutique, Swagger Gifts, has been hosting a Facebook Friday of the Week (see former giveaway items here) for a few months now where each Friday something special in the store will be given away to one (sometimes even two) lucky commenters who are fans of Swagger Gifts' page on facebook. The winner is randomly selected and then posted to Swagger's blog (which also, is SO worth following).

This week's giveaway is a monogrammed "Big Wood Board" cutting board. They are PHENOMENAL.

All you have to do to be entered to win is leave a comment directly on the photo on facebook. It's THAT simple.

While you're on Swagger's page, you should obviously click on "Become a Fan" so that you get an update every week when Swagger offers up a new great giveaway.

Biased much? Sure. But when you win a kick butt gift, I bet you'll be thankful for my bias. :-)

PS - Regina and Randall, I'm formerly calling you girls out to enter to win because the sample photo has a "R" on it... how much more appropriate could it get?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Southern Favorites: Cooking with Beer

I'm thinking this should be a perpetual recipe post as I know many of you include beer (either as a cooking aid to the chef or actually in the recipe) in many of your Southern concoctions.

I literally laughed out loud when I read "Life is Reed-iculous"'s post today which featured an Eastern NC favorite: Roasted Chicken a la Natty LightSend on your favorites to be featured!

PS - Yes, thanks to this post, I just added the following label to my blog: "beer".

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Flying Biscuit Love

Our local Flying Biscuit, a la Cameron Village, opens Monday!

And a fantastic wedding guest gesture from EAD:

"Someone just delivered biscuits–are they a gift from God? I don’t know why they’re here but I’m not going to question it."Mmm... can't wait!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Gonna Be a Good Summer

Bring it!

Kenny Chesney Books Lady A, MirandaHey, all the retailers are already sportin' their spring/summer lines even though it's just starting to get cold... at least I can start thinking about concert season and a great reason (or two) to head in for the opening acts!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Chef Todd Reaches 100th Episode - Contributes to Great Cause

From a fellow Chix:

100th Episode of "Cooking Coarse" Party to benefit Food Bank of NC

Good Afternoon Ladies and Happy New Year!

I wanted to let everyone know about a special event we are having this Thursday, January 8th at Savor Hospitality at 6:00 PM.

This week, we will release the 100th episode of "Cooking Coarse", the daily online video blog created by my husband, Chef Todd to provide free cooking instruction online.

This is a milestone for the project and we are inviting friends, clients and fans to celebrate with us at a cocktail reception and live taping of the 100th episode (which will be released the next

A$10 donation is requested, which includes beer/wine and light hors d'oeuvres. All collected money will be donated to The Food Bank of NC. Our goal is to raise $1000 at this event so we need your help!

This is sure to be a fun, social event and I hope to see you all on Thursday!
Register online today

To view all 96 (and counting) episodes of "Cooking Coarse":

Please feel free to pass along to anyone who might have an interest.

Heather Mohr
Savor Hospitality
If you haven't checked out Chef Todd's videos... you are SO missing out!

I have 849481 things to do on Thursday, but this is on my "I have got to stop by for a bit" list to congratulate them on such a job well done!

What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

Mark your calendars!

From skirt!Raleigh Editor, Faith Dwight's, blog:It’s all happening Tuesday, January 13, from 5:30-7:30pm at 518 West Italian CafĂ© on Glenwood South and, as always, we’ll be benefiting a worthy cause.

This month, it’s Interact of Wake County, and we’re asking you to bring every woman’s guilty pleasure – lotions, creams, shampoos, and other pampering products – so that the women who benefit from Interact can experience a little pleasure of their own.
I haven't been able to go since the first Skirts for Success event but I am starting the year off on the right foot - networking and contributing to a great cause!

PS - My guilty pleasure? Late-night TMZ on Sunday nights/Monday morning (seriously - like 1:00 am) before starting the week off. I'm not a tabloid follower, but TMZ is hilarious - "keeping Hollywood real since 2007".

Sunday, January 04, 2009

{Double Post} The Shop with a Conscience

I can't believe this is another thing I've never remember to blog about, because it's one of my Cameron Village favorites - Beleza: A Fair Trade Boutique.

Described on their website as a place will find unique and extraordinary textiles and hats, jewelry and art that catch your eye and touch your heart.

Beyond offering beautiful things, Beleza exists to provide hard working people from countries around the world – and here in the US – essential support to provide daily necessities for their families.

While the store is fair trade, the major emphasis of Beleza is to treat people as they should be treated, and assist in global economic development.
Beleza is owned and operated by two of the most wonderful people I know: P. Dail and his wife Sara.

I received the following email today from Sara about a new addition coming to their store that I am really excited about:Recently we met Audias from Honduras. Born without arms, he paints with his feet. We will have his work in the store very soon and encourage you to come see this work. Audias has no other means of support. We plan to host a special event for you to meet him.I'll be sure to update when I hear more details!

In the mean time, go check out Beleza and become an addict of their amazing selection of goods with a heart, too.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Starting the Year Off Right

I'm not really one for New Year's resolutions... trust me, I can find a million ways to improve myself and life around me any darn day of the week.

In that spirit, I'm still going to share some good vibes to start 2009 with... might as well set the bar high for a good year ahead with some good news, events, and buys from all over place (no rhyme or reason to the following list):

Heart-warming Headline: Highwoods Properties Donates $10,000 to Homes for Our Troops

Style Report
: Green koozies that won't break the bank

Green Reads
: for parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, nannies, etc. - Green Babies, Sage Moms

Less is More
: Cleaning out? Here's a few uses for household items that help our furry friends you might not have thought of otherwise.

This Might Hurt a Little
: Spend Saturday mornings with Paragon Crossfit for free bootcamp workout sessions when you need a swift kick in the butt to get going.
There you go. A green, simple, healthy, and karma-positive start to 2009.

Note: Adrianne and I (and possibly some other Raleigh girls) will be going to bootcamp tomorrow morning... it's gonna be interesting for sure.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!

In case you weren't on my email list (click to see the whole card):

Hope 2009 is a great year for everyone!

Photography by Allison Davis:
Card template *freebie* by Lucky Designs:

And since we still do the "girls" and the pups for everyone on Mom and Dad's list (again, click if you can't see the whole thing... you're looking for 2 girls and 6 dogs):

I wish we had thought to video that photo shoot. We could have won $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos for sure.

{Double Post} Bring EcoStiletto to Raleigh

If you read my fashion and trend blog, you might have responded to my call to action to subscribe to a great eNewsletter that combines two fabulous things: fashion and reducing your carbon footprint. (As they say in today's edition: "where you get the scoop on how to shrink your carbon footprint from the size of an Ugg boot to a Manolo with eco-focused fashion, beauty, lifestyle and parenting updates".)

Also in today's EcoStiletto eNewsletter was the potential to bring a ridiculously fabulous event to our area: Want EcoStiletto in your hood? We're planning a whole series of EcoStiletto Green Girls' Night Out events nationwide for 2009 and the cities that that have the highest concentration of newsletter subscribers get our free, super-eco-fantabulous party coming to their town first. So go get your friends to sign up, already!I can't even start to count the number of gal pals who I know would attend this event... so let's bring it to town!

Be sure to sign up for the eNewsletter here.