Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow in Raleighwood!

My camera did NOT want to work with all the bright white this morning (that's it - I'm getting the digital SRL THIS WEEK!) and then somehow along the way, I deleted everything we took before 6pm. *Doh!*

Please pardon how dark everything is...

Tank's First *Real* Snow
(he's seen a bit before, nothing like this though... Delta's been with us for a blizzard before)

On YouTube

and In Pictures
And some of my local favorites:Whit's Snow Day
Snow over Glenwood South
Matt's amazing pics on RaleighSkyline.com
Nick just confirmed it, we received 5.5 inches here!


  1. Aww I'm sad I missed my nephew's first snow. He was super cute (and so was Delta.) This was Sweetie's first snow too so I'll put up the pictures and video of her when my Yankee Manfriend puts it on his computer.

  2. I think Pete and Delta would have a good time together. Pete enjoyed his first snow as welL!!