Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Calling All Raleigh/Cary/Apex Readers

Normally, I'm not a big McDonald's girl (unless it's 2am and chicken nuggets are about as good as it's gonna get), but this is so worth doing fast food for lunch and dinner.

If you're in the area, or know anyone who might be, please pass this along!

Kristi Winters (Walker) Family Fundraiser

On Feb 5th at the Lake Pine McDonald's in Apex we will be having a fundraiser for the family of Kristi Walker who is a young woman fighting cancer. On that day from 11am to 11pm we will give 50% of all sales for both drive thru and inside purchases. We will also have someone collecting separate donations during this period.

It is wonderful that people have made so many request for separate donations if you cannot attend, here is the info: 100% of all separate donations go to the family.

Please make checks payable to: KTL McDonald's, in the memo line please put "Kristi Winters Walker Fund"

Mail to: Attn: Kristi Winter Walker Fund
320 North Salem Street Suite 104 Apex NC 27502

We hope to see you then!! It is a great cause for a family who needs our support!!

Info on Kristi
Chuck and Kristi Walker are the proud parents of 3 young boys, Cade (4 1/2), Mason (2), and Zane (newborn).

During Kristi's third trimester of pregnancy with Zane she started experiencing extreme back and hip pain, requiring her to be put on bedrest. On Friday, October 17th, Kristi was admitted for an emergency C-section due to what was believed to be 'Hellp Syndrome'.

Kristi was transported to UNC Hospital following the birth, and after several days of extensive testing, the doctors diagnosed Kristi with Stage IV breast cancer with metastasis in the liver, spine and pelvis.

Please if anyone have question please feel free to email me or call (919)606-6069)!!
Thanks, Shannon Haynie
Here's the event on facebook to enable easy sharing!

50% of sales is VERY GENEROUS so I hope anyone who can will be willing to stop by.


  1. This is such a nice thing! I wish I lived closer, maybe I'll be out that way!

  2. McDonald's for charity. That's the best idea ever!!! Big Macs and apple pies anyone?