Friday, January 23, 2009

Southern Favorites: Carolina Cup

Oh fair Carolina Cup... how you've alluded me all through undergrad (always being the same weekend as sorority initiation). Rest assured, I will be prepped to the t's and tailgating with my favorites alongside a horse race that many will never see this year though.

Saturday, March 28th, 2009 - mark your calendars people!

I was SUPER excited to see a Facebook update today from the Carolina Cup Racing Association with the following note:'Cupperwear'!!!!!!!

Time to start thinking about what you're going to wrap yourselves in at the Cup this year! Stayed tuned for my latest picks for this season's hottest Cup outfits!!!!!!!!
I have a feeling that will make for some fantastic Southern blog posts as we follow along with the mini-series.

PS - In addition to facebook, you can also find them on MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube. Nice job on the social media marketing, y'all!


  1. I have been trying to go to Foxfields in Charlottesville for three years now. Of course, this year, I have to be in SC at a wedding that day. Google Foxfields pictures if you want to see some preppy outfits!

  2. Let's meet in the middle! Would be SO much fun!

  3. Lisa- Finally got the blog up and just wanted to let you know I'm working on your hat girls- would love to get the ok to *feature* them! Thanks again for the support, and see you at the races!!!!!!!!!