Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another "I'm Still Here" Post, This Time with Recipes

I'm working more and more these days, so I'm blogging less and less. And in all truthfulness, I'm spending as much of my free time as possible poolside, making spontaneous getaways to the beach, and other types of goodness that don't require my computer.

My fridge is staying pretty empty these days (except for poolside beers and the occasional white wine that needs to be quick-chilled), due to my lack of time spent at home, but there's one thing that's in season that I've got a lot of: squash.

So what's a Southern girl to do with all that squash? Experiment, of course!

Here are a few recipes I stumbled upon today that I'm going to give a try before these gourds go bad - hopefully with (success) stories and pictures to come in a few blog posts in the not so distant future.

Note: Not all of these recipes call for yellow/summer squash, but that's what I'll be using. I avoided any that specifically called for butternut squash since I'll get at least one come fall in my locally-sourced and front porch-delivered Produce Box this fall, and I want to save some experiments for then, too.

And here they are:
Super Squash
Squash Medley
Squash Soup (yes, even in 90 degrees I still want soup)
Squash Potatoes (particularly excited about this one)
Squash Relish (I've yet to meet a relish I didn't like)
Pickled Squash (I've never pickled anything before - wish me luck...)

Happy Wednesday-ing!