Sunday, February 02, 2014

And Tonight's Super Bowl Menu Includes....

The manfriend and I have been hard at work in the kitchen this morning. Here's what we'll be taking to tonight's ITB Super Bowl gathering. Drumroll please...

Four mildly healthy, but certainly better for you than the norm, appetizer-sized items, including:
Deviled Eggs
Mexican Roll-Ups
Spinach Balls
Dry Rub Grilled Wings

I'll be cheering for the advertisers tonight - the Super Bowl ads are my favorite part of one of America's most-watched sports programs all year. This pre-released spot already has my heart: #BestBuds - with nearly 33 million views in just four days, I'd say it has also captured the hearts of many, many others, as well.

What are you serving at or bringing to your Super Bowl gathering?