Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Come Check Out the DTR Water Tower on Wednesday!

Who has $685,000 to lend me? I think this would make a GREAT location for my first restaurant... no?

My friends at Glenwood Agency have listed this very cool water tower (and current home to the NC chapter of the American Institute of Architects) and are having a little open house/tour on Wednesday of this week (ie: tomorrow). Consider this your official invite, via Ann-Cabell's post on my facebook wall:

Okay, so, it's official - invite whomever you'd like! 115 W Morgan Street - Wed from 4:30 - 6:30 pm at the Old Raleigh Water Tower! We're going to serve some champagne, too! I sent out a post card to some folks, but, am eager to get as many people there as possible since it's such a cool building!

Click here to read up on the history and join me on Wednesday afternoon to check out this cool property!

Click here to watch the video about this piece of property going up for sale on News14.com!

{Image: Downtown Living Advocates blog post}

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Call for Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week!

It's the last day to get out and enjoy Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week... so if you haven't, get to a DTR restaurant today and make it count :-)

Indulge your palate during the Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week — a week-long dining extravaganza showcasing the culinary talent in the heart of the capital city!

Select restaurants will offer tantalizing, three-course prix fixe dinners for either $20 or $30, depending on the venue. Savor the delectable dishes prepared by downtown Raleigh's finest dining establishments from Monday, August 23 through Sunday, August 29.

Prices are $20 or $30 per person, depending on the venue (tip, taxes and beverages not included).

{via http://www.godowntownraleigh.com/restaurantweek/index.html}

The girls (Denise, Adrianne, and Jess) and I made it out to Irregardless Cafe on Thursday night and enjoyed wine, appetizers, and dessert for less than $30 a person. I, recently vegetarian, enjoyed the vegetable curry (and had leftovers for dinner last night) and the vegan fruit crisp for dessert. SO good! (I also ordered the Mediterranean platter as my appetizer and shared it with the table - it included hummus, lima bean pate, olives, and other goodies.)

Irregardless takes pride in being the oldest (consistent) restaurant in town, but I'm ashamed to say my first visit was only a few weeks ago for breakfast with the Shop Local Raleigh gang. I won't be waiting too long to return again - breakfast and dinner have both been excellent, in my opinion! I also heard no complaints from lovely ladies that I enjoyed a night out with on Thursday! :-)

Check Irregardless out online and stop in soon for a meal

Monday, August 23, 2010

Holy Crap

This girl has the best idea EVER.
I freakin' LOVE sandwiches!
(And love even more that she will downright bring it to you!)


Essentially, she posts a menu on Sunday night. You email, call, or text to place an order. Lunch arrives at your location on sandwich day.

How cool is that??

The breads she offers and the creativity are downright appetizing.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Talking Football Already?

What's that you say? There are less than 2 weeks until college football starts?

How did this happen??

(And where did my summer go?)


PS - For those who are wondering, I did not renew my season tickets this year. Our schedule is kind of lame, honestly. Between the games at UNC that Nick has season tickets for - and Thursday night games usually being hard to get to in a timely fashion - it just didn't make sense. But I'll be buying some single game tickets, as available!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Southern Adventures: King's Sandwich Shop in Downtown Durham

Yes, ya'll - this is the perpetual Raleigh kid bloggin' about Downtown Durham. But, it's my blog... and that makes me the boss :-)

Just a quick post so that Adrianne can make her lunch time plans today!

Yesterday I ventured just a few hundred feet (give or take) from the Shoeboxed.com offices to check out King's Sandwich Shop with a few fellow Shoeboxed-ers. Sonny brought food back last week and the fries smelled so good, I had to check this out myself.

I have gone vegetarian, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a black bean "burger" on the menu, alongside regular burgers, hot dogs, bbq, and more. I resisted all urges to add on a milkshake and cookie, but definitely got the fries!

It was a delish $7 lunch and my only complaint is that I asked for "no onions, add jalapenos" and only got jalapenos on my black bean burger. It definitely needed the King's sauce, lettuce, and tomato I was anticipating to avoid being too dry.

King's Sandwich Shop
500 W. Geer Street
Downtown Durham, NC

PS - I don't think that's the exact address, but if you can get there, you'll be able to see King's. It's what was printed on the street sign I was standing by when taking the picture above.

PS #2 - Bring cash. They don't take cards. (Bad form!) So, big thanks to Laura for paying for me :-) I've got your next lunch, Laura!