Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gal to Gal Foundation’s Virtual Walk

This was featured in the Wednesday edition of the Little Black Book Buzz in D.C. I'm an instant fan!

So far they have raised $83,955 for Stage-4 breast cancer patients. Absolutely amazing. Here is a brief description of the program from "Betty" in D.C.: "If you aren’t already taking part in the virtual walk created by Design-her Gals, it’s fun and it’s only $3 to participate and create your gal! 6,000 gals, including mine with coiffed hair and a pink track suit (I am my mother’s daughter after all) are walking across the country raising funds for Stage IV breast cancer patients. These funds, distributed through the Gal to Gal Foundation, benefit women living in this critical stage of the disease. Today the gals are walking through the Twin Cities after having hoofed it down the East Cost and back up through the bayou and God’s country before heading for the north again.
Design-her Gals uses their light-hearted yet, personally empowering stationary to shine a positive light on the darkness of stage IV breast cancer. The website’s openness to breast cancer patients and all the associated symbols, (head scarves, stubble, pink-ribbon borders, etc...) is a tribute that reflects the difficult and challenging road these individuals and their families must travel. So c’mon boots... start walking! Catch up to us... I’ll see you in Texas!" Skip the Starbucks, save your $3.00 and join me on the virtual walk!