Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Close!

Know how I mentioned my excitement and love for Brewskee-Ball before?

Well, in the interest of full disclaimer, I think it's important to note the following: my team is no kind of good.

Second disclaimer: we're only no kind of good when we need to be. I rolled about a billion hundos (100's) AFTER our game just goofing off last week. Must be the high stress of having to perform when it matters.

We will not go 0-8, Rollin' Skiiirty (mid-season name change has yet to be approved by the commish) WILL experience the sweet, sweet taste of victory this week. Promise.

Can I get a little luck for Thursday?

In other news, looks as if Skeeson 2 will be starting very soon after the conclusion of Skeeson 1.
If any of you Raleighs want to join up for the next, drop me a note!

Bring your own team or come as individuals... it doesn't matter - it's all about the good time, good drinks, and good people.

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