Thursday, July 10, 2008

Soon-to-Be Tailgating Favorites!

Mandy from Swagger is at market this week... and the good stuff is already coming back to town via her market update blog posts!

I have a feeling these southern collegiate essentials she blogged about yesterday are going to be totally necessary come football season:

Market Watch July 08 - Day 3
Today we found some really great collegiate gifts! One of my favorites was this grill cover! I would have been in the photo but I the sample was a UGA grill cover and I went to Georgia Tech so there was NOOOO way that was going to happen! I forced my mom to be in it but I think she dislikes them as much as I do!:)

One of my other favorite gifts was a really cool coozie that was magnetic so you could stick it to the side of your car when you are tailgating - now that is a great idea! The salesman said you can even stick it to the side of your lawn mower - now you might be a redneck if.....:) I will let you guys know when we actually get this stuff in the store!

I am really excited about the koozies that you can have your car hold for you... you know, for when you don't have a free hand thanks to the plate of bbq in one, and your fork in the other! It's freakin' genius I tell ya.

I double love the redneck inspiration to have your lawnmower hold your beer while you cut the grass. (Chad from A-1 Lawn will be getting one for Christmas this year no doubt!)

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