Sunday, July 06, 2008

One Small Request

I love reading (and writing!) blogs, all kinds of blogs: Raleigh blogs, Downtown blogs, business blogs, tech blogs, wedding blogs, tech blogs, and of course... the random blogs that are more like journals.

Here's a simple request I have for those of you who enjoy writing blogs too: please blog often about things you find important! Take me for example - the girl with a special place in her heart for animals (especially puppies). Why you ask? Google.

My marketing background has taught me the importance of testimonials and word of mouth and it makes me SO happy to read emails like this:

Hi Lisa,
I did a google search on our facility and your blog entry about DBTT came up. Thank you so much for your kind words about us! I hope all is well with you and Delta!


Carole Smith (Lawler)
Development Director
SPCA of Wake County
Phone (919) 532-7065
Fax (919) 772-2482
As I told Carole, they are most certainly welcome and I truly mean every positive word I've ever said/written about the SPCA of Wake County.

I look forward to supporting y'all and reading about your favorites! Almost everything that I'm passionate about has been thanks to a friend or family member who has introduced me to things they find important.

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