Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update: All I Want is a Good Moisturizer...

My May 18th post on wanting to find a nice moisturizer that is animal-friendly drew an email from a reader who was searching for the same all the way from Portugal! How cool is that?!

Rita, from Portugal, wrote to ask if I had any luck in finding a moisturizer to do the trick as she was growing frustrated with the same issues I was having:

"I also have trouble finding reliable companies... every single one of them claims not testing on animals, but behind closed doors, it's impossible to know...
I laughed, reading Bobbi Brown's answer... check out Aveda's answer (also an EsteƩ Lauder company)."
The info she quoted was word-for-word the same with only a few brand names changed. Lame-o!

I replied to Rita that I am currently using a product I found at none other than Harris Teeter of all places! Nature's Gate Organics - have a vine day - Chardonnay Hydrator for daytime goes on day and night and although it does have a obvious scent, it doesn't bother me... and isn't noticeable a few seconds later... it's actually kind of refreshing.

Here's what hooked me: clear as day on the box the manufacturer notes that the product is "made in the US", "cruelty free", "made with certified organic botanicals" and "paraben-free". For $15 or so (way cheaper than advertised on their own site), it's done the trick so far!

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