Monday, August 18, 2008

Raleigh is NOT Miami...

So please, stop trying to make fetch happen - whoops, I mean Miami.

While I hear great things about the rooftop view from Solas, it's blog posts like the following that make me not want to go. I can occasionally be found in stilettos rather than boots or flops, but more often in the fall and winter than our beloved NC summers does this actually occur.

Solas… Dress Code… Smess Code… This is Raleigh!
Only In Raleigh - Solas… revisted!
And while we're on the topic, I'm not advocating t-shirts in the nightlife scene, but if you don't allow gentlemen wearing boat shoes into your establishment, then you can pretty much guarantee you'll be overrun by the guidos and "jaegerbombssssss" morons who make me say "ick" when I see groups of them pile into my favorite watering holes.

(Let's also note that the boat shoes-wearing folks generally have more money to spend and a longer customer relationship to benefit from for your establishment.)

I guess I'll have to venture out there for sure this week to make the call myself as to whether this is a Raleigh-Must-Do or another empty piece of real estate.


  1. Wow! That place will be closing the doors in no time if they keep that dress code up. What do they want people to wear??

  2. So here it is - I have not been there past 9 yet [though I went 4 times last week] but I LOVE it for happy hour drinks. When the sunsets, its gorgeous. They have the whole roof set up well

    - but then, I'm biased towards roof tops....

  3. No deck/boat shoes???? You are quite right, they might need to research their demographics a little deeper. :D