Friday, August 29, 2008

I Am SO Embarrassed

I was SO embarrassed to open my email this morning. Not because of the 34-0 final score, but because the morning email story about the status of our injured QB from last night's game that included a dramatic picture of the team kneeling to pray for Russell Wilson and even worse - a link to "buy picture" right below it.

Now, I realize there's a 99% chance that's because the site uses a template that includes a link below ALL pictures to "buy picture", but this is the first time I've noticed it... and I am not a bit impressed.

I personally think it's totally devoid of any class to make profit off of a very frightening incident for Wilson's family, friends, teammates, and fans - especially only 12 hours later, especially when USC showed so much class on their own:

BrAvEsFaN1010 (10:07:33 AM): i was actually really impressed with the sc fans
BrAvEsFaN1010 (10:07:59 AM): they were all screaming stuff like "come on carolina, get on your knees, show some respect"
That quote's from a fellow NCSU '07 alum who happened to be at the game... who saw it all first hand - and I think that says a lot.

So hat's off to you USC - congrats on the win and class... it sure is something you can't buy.

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