Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Book Got YOU Hooked?

For me, it wasn't just one book - it was so many books that I was a fan of growing up (southern, duh).

My sister and I had a HUGE collection in our playroom: there was The Penguin That Hated the Cold, all of the Berenstain Bears (OMG - they have an official website... those crazy things didn't exist when I was reading these books!), Winnie the Pooh, and so many more that were 1980's-babies staples.

Unfortunately, I know many children aren't that lucky... enter: First Book.

First Book is a campaign for literacy and for providing books to children all around the country and I am SO proud that my wonderful Pi Beta Phi is one of their partners (our national philanthropy is after all literacy!). I am in love with their blog and their What Book Got You Hooked? campaign:Now through September 15, readers everywhere are invited to tell us about the first book from childhood that made reading fun, then help get more kids hooked by voting for the state to receive 50,000 new books for children in need.

A number of celebrities are supporting this year's effort, including: Kenny Chesney, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Thompson, Edward Norton, Stephen Colbert, Ira Glass, and Barry Mannilow.
So, what book got you hooked?

North Carolina is 27th in the rankings right now for 50,000 new books for kids who are in need, so please vote before September 15th!


  1. I really did not enjoy reading as a child, but now I love a good book. To answer your question regarding the blanket monogram, yep I combined the two.

  2. Oddly enough, it was Stephen King that got me hooked. (Can't remember which book.) I think my mom tolerated the subject matter simply because it forged my enjoyment of reading. That continues today, though I tend to read more educational material. (What? Zombie cats aren't educational?)

  3. I was hooked by Ramona Quimby, Age 8. Thanks so much for highlighting First Book and What Book Got You Hooked!