Monday, August 25, 2008

Good News, Good Vibes, and Good Tunes Today

I feel awful today - I'm running on next to nothing but I am counting down the days (and minutes) 'til Wolfpack Football and after Labor Day... which is when the BF and I can finally get away on that vacay we're both long overdue on!

Luckily, my daily blog reads & XM Radio are helping me through the day:

--Why Carl Edwards is the man
--I can't wait to give TWC the boot
--I don't need a single thing... but some of my favorite causes definitely need your support. (Especially those that help our four-legged pals.)
--My partner in crime... for so many reasons.
--The light at the end of the (Murphy Center) tunnel.
AND XM is playing a lot of Luke, Eric, and my hometown boy - JMC - today!

Oh, and I saw Kenny with a few of the favorites this weekend, too. Maybe THAT'S why I'm a little tired today!


  1. I never thought I would say it... But I can't wait for State to play on Thursday. I need football.

  2. uh oh... the game is on at Williams-Brice!