Sunday, August 31, 2008

Talk Southern to Me: Manners

Manners: not so much southern words as much as they are a way of talking.

Here's wiki's definition of manners, but they're much better illustrated below.

An email quote from Renee - I swear sometimes it's like the girl is my cosmic twin that just happened to grow up in Eden instead of Raleigh.

"One guy thanked me for being so hospitable - I welcomed him to the South and told him I am a lady."Finally, a quote from Magnolia's and Juleps' story about one girl's manners:"Why did G respond respectfully at all times to someone 10 years her senior (eek) who is in an authority position? Not knowing how or why I would need to explain it, I simply asked this girl where she was from again. When she said 'New Jersey', I simply turned around and said, "Then you just wouldn't understand". In my South, that's just what you do."

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