Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Talk Southern to Me

After listening to an interview with Lady Antebellum (MySpace) on XM Radio (which I am SO addicted to... thank goodness my dad was able to fix my car receiver!), I realized there are some words that wander around southern speaking that may be a little out of the norm.

Lady A was talking about where the name for their band came from (I'm a BIG fan by the way) and they said they were traveling around and it in fact, came from traditional southern antebellum houses. I had an idea of what a "traditional antebellum" house looked like, but I decided to do a little digging nonetheless. The BF also wanted to know anyways.

So that right there is the inspiration to a new addition to my blog here: Talk Southern to Me!

If you have any suggestions on words that you think should be added to the vocabulary of my blog readers, let me know, and I'll include them!

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