Monday, May 05, 2008

I Am Not Even Kidding...

...This TOTALLY Just Happened.

This blows my mind: I got a call on my cell from a number not in my phone, random area code, so naturally... it went to voicemail.

Checked my voicemail and had a message from "Hi, I'm a volunteer for Senator Barack Obama and I am calling to see who you are voting for..." (this is where I deleted it).

So I call the number back to ask politely to be removed from their calling list (I mean dang! It IS my cell phone and I have NO idea how they got my number) and it turns out, it's the girl's personal cell phone!!


Anyone else had some crazy politics stuff happen like this today? Should I call her back and tell her to get a new hobby? Maybe volunteer to cure cancer instead? Save some puppies? Sheesh.

I mean, I'm all for encouraging folks to register and vote and whatnot, but all these Obama campaigners are really starting to annoy me with their "Register to Vote FOR OBAMA" crap.

Adrianne and I have discussed this - it's totally noble to encourage people to use their voice and cast their votes, but don't push your agenda on me!

*Insert angry growl here.*

(PS - While I do subscribe to some of the democratic party ideals, I still primarily consider myself a conservative republican anyways. Talk about not reaching the right people.)


  1. So I'm a little bothered by this...even though I'm a Democrat and an Obama supporter.

    For the Obama team: It seems like it would be more efficent to get try and get young, registered DEMOCRATS to go vote today because they are the least likely to get out and vote if it is in anyway inconvenient AND they are most likely to vote for Obama...NOT registered Republicians like our Lil Lisa. Right age, wrong party (which in this case, on the day of the primary, should be the most important variable in deciding who to remind to vote.)

    Sigh...this makes my inner marketer hurt.

  2. Exactly... maybe they could use some marketing consulting, too?

    *insert sneaky face here*