Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Talk Southern to Me: Antebellum Houses

As noted in my introduction to my new Talk Southern to Me series, the inspiration came from country music... notably, the up and coming group Lady Antebellum.

Check out the google image search for "antebellum" and see lots of beautiful pictures of actual antebellum homes and some inspired by such! Here are a few of my favorites (that link to their original home on the web):

And how about a little description? I sure do love wikipedia: "'Antebellum' is an expression derived from Latin that means 'before war' (ante, 'before,' and bellum, 'war'). In United States history and historiography, 'antebellum' is commonly used, in lieu of 'pre-Civil War,' in reference to the period of increasing sectionalism that led up to the American Civil War. In that sense, the Antebellum Period is often considered to have begun with the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, though it is sometimes stipulated to extend back as early as 1812. The period after the Civil War is called the 'Postbellum,' or Reconstruction, era."... "The term antebellum is also used to describe the architecture of the pre-war South. Many Southern plantation houses use this style"There you have it!

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