Tuesday, May 06, 2008

If You Don't Have a Little Betty Crocker in You...

I have the most random "Betty Crocker" moments (as Adrianne lovingly refers to them) and they usually happen after 10pm. Go figure!

For those of you who don't, or who may too busy to channel your inner Betty, I'd like to introduce you to A Sweet Reminder. They deliver fresh baked cookies (which Adrianne - a former cookie industry professional - gave rave reviews to) around the local area with a super personal and friendly touch. Bonus points go to them for having a specific line of cookies where HALF of the profits from that product go to the Susan G. Komen fight against breast cancer.

As a subscriber to their email list, I thought I'd share a list from Chip (their mascot!) of why mom deserves "A Sweet Reminder":

Here are the ten reasons why our mascot Chip Cookie says you need to send A Sweet Reminder cookies to your Mother:

1) You ran with scissors that one time when you were told not to.

2) Because your Father will never send her cookies.

3) You blew it last year with the overpriced buffet at the Holiday Inn where your Mom almost chocked on a chicken bone.

4) You want to upstage your older sister who is knitting your mom ANOTHER piece of clothing.

5) You can’t make Sunday lunch because you are out of state and gas prices are too high.

6) Your Mom made you all those cookies growing up, now it’s time to return the favor.

7) You watched “Mommy Dearest” last night and you realized your Mom did not do such a bad job.

8) You have forgiven her the time she came to your high school to say “Hey!”

9) Keep her occupied so she won’t harass you with “Am I going to be a Grandma soon?”

10) She gave birth to you….’nuff said!
I can personally vouch for how outstanding this business is, as I've sent a little surprise to Nick before, and it was totally a great experience!

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