Monday, May 05, 2008

Smoothies For Your Health (and Tasty Enjoyment)!

Adrianne and I were talking about our love of smoothies last night and how we couldn't figure out why Planet Smoothie's new franchisee didn't wait until the slow of summer to close the Hillsborough Street location instead of before exams... maybe they need a business consulting team... one comprised of the Jeffries/Fields girls? ;-)

So this post is dedicated to smoothies in Raleighwood!

From Sue Stock's retailing column today:

An update on our Planet Smoothie stores, which closed because a new franchisee was taking them over: The store at 6325 Falls of Neuse Road in Raleigh already reopened. The store at 2302 Hillsborough St. in Raleigh will reopen May 23, and the store at 966 High House Road in Cary will reopen in mid-June.From Sue's "Taking Stock" blog:On May 7 (that's Wednesday), Planet Smoothie will launch a new program to promote the health benefits of drinking smoothies. All summer, every Wednesday, Planet Smoothie stores will offer a smoothie from each of its "lifestyle categories" for 99 cents. Here's the schedule:

*May 7: Leapin’ Lizard (peaches, strawberries and fat burner blast from the Weight Loss lifestyle category)

*June 4: Spazz (strawberries, bananas and booster blast from the Energy lifestyle category)

*July 2: Chocolate Chimp (chocolate, bananas & protein blast from the Protein lifestyle category)

*August 6: Twig & Berries (strawberries, bananas, & yogurt from the Cool Blended lifestyle category)

*September 3: Screamsicle (pineapple, peaches, orange juice, sherbet & anti-oxidant blast from the Wellness lifestyle category

And, as I wrote in this week's Retailing column, our area Planet Smoothie stores are in the process of reopening under new ownership. The one on Falls of Neuse Road in Raleigh is already open. The store on Hillsborough Road in Raleigh will open on May 23. And the Cary store will open in mid-June.

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