Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Shouldn't Tell You This...

...because I'd like to keep my odds of winning high, but... 518 West has a Facebook Page and they're giving away a $25 gift certificate.

I know right - awesome!

I have been there at least once a month for the last six months: it's where all but the most recent skirt! After Work events have been, Amber and Daniel had their rehearsal dinner there in September '08, and E. Riley just hosted our bridal luncheon there two weeks ago.

If you haven't been, you've missed out.

For lunch, get the Grilled Pear Insalate - I swear by it.

Grilled Pear Insalate

Grilled Bosc pear with field greens, walnuts, gorgonzola and a honey-walnut vinaigrette...

small... $5.50
large... $8.75
I'm hungry just thinking about it! And such a good deal for only $8.75 for the largest portion.

PS: They have a blog, too.

PS #2: If you win, you have to take me to lunch. Sound fair?

PS #3: The boys who valet are the nicest ever. (It's complimentary and you should tip them. They do an excellent job.) Note: I valet when it's cold and when I'm running late. Duh.

(Images: 518 West's website.)

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