Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

The girls and I had a blast!

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Here's my list of don't miss places and sights (note: it's mostly bars - which I figure is ok, because since there are so many, you'll need to know which are worth going to).

Sigfried & Roy's Secret Garden
Located at Mirage
Only $15 and some very, very cool creatures. Lions, tigers, dolphins... all in a non-performing environment.

Located at Mandalay Bay
A hidden gem in the nightlife scene. Literally - hidden. Luckily, the Director of VIP Services found us wandering Mandalay and offered us a round of champagne. I wish we had started the night at this place!

Located at Mirage
A very cool steak house with lots of delicious choices for people like me who don't want steak all the time. Also had some affordable $30 three-course options, etc. which is important in a town where you could easily spend $100 on dinner for one.

Located at Mandalay Bay... on the 64th floor.
One of the best views in town - period. And not painfully over-crowded like super-trendy Pure and Tao bars/clubs.

Playboy Club / Moon
Located at Palms
Fun bars, personable bartenders. I was shocked how many people in the service industry who were working for tips just sucked in this town. Not at the Playboy club, though! The Bunnies are dealers, but the male bartenders were cool, too! Moon would have been awesome had the retractable roof been open.

Minus 5 (-5) Lounge
Located at Mandalay Bay
There are a few located around the world. I didn't get to go there, but walked past it enough to want to. The front is very lodge bar looking and the other part is surrounded by ice. I hate the cold, so the free drink passes that were being passed out by the promoter and PENGUIN that Lisa S. and I walked by would have to hook up a lot of anti-freeze (drinks) for me to stay long.

Hard Rock Hotel
Very cool music industry displays... everywhere. Kenny Chesney will be having a concert in their in-house concert hall (The Joint) at the end of April - I bet it will be awesome.

Christian Audigier
Located at TI (Treasure Island)
Fashionable rock n' roll-themed bar . This was in our hotel and we didn't get a chance to go, but based on seeing it in passing and it's branding/image... I will for sure next time. I'll also be dropping my business card for Buckhead because they apparently have an awesome service industry night.
All in all, Forty Deuce and Mix were my favorites for bars.

PS - We HAD to go to Coyote Ugly because as all 80's babies, we love the movie. Everyone who told me it sucked... was right. It was one of those "Cool, I've been there. Once was enough."

PS #2 - I can't believe I forgot the crowd favorite. O'Sheas. Count on my friends to find the beer pong in Vegas!

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  1. I was thinking about writing up my break down... More of a travel blog than domestic, I'll work in it. Eww the penguin. My only decent pictures we're HAMMERED. It was great to see you!

  2. OOOOOO I loved Stack!