Monday, February 02, 2009

A Deal on Dierks

Mannnn I hope this isn't some silly promotion where I still end up spending more than I would have otherwise, but here's hoping Dierk Bentley's label and GAC make Dierks out to be a man of his "word" on this one:

Get FEEL THAT FIRE for $3.99!

After spending more than two years writing, road testing and recording new material, Bentley is ready for the next phase: the Feb. 3 release of Feel That Fire, a 12-song serving of rockers and ballads with a dash of honky tonk and bluegrass. Get your copy of Feel That Fire - in stores on Feb 3! Order your copy today!

Bookmark this page and come back on Tuesday, Feb. 3rd and we'll hook you up with a link that will get you a digital copy of Feel That Fire for only $3.99. Yes, it's crazy but we're serious...See you on Tuesday!

1. Life On The Run
2. Sideways
3. Feel That Fire
4. I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes
5. Here She Comes
6. I Can't Forget Her
7. Beautiful World
8. Little Heartwrecker
9. You Hold Me Together
10. Better Believer
11. Pray
12. Last Call
Source: GAC email newsletter.

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