Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So THAT'S How Much They Are...

I ran into Well I Do Declare while a few members of the Y.E.S! exec board and I were doing some planning during Happy Hour(s) at Fosters tonight and she asked me if I had ever found out how much the Megatickets are this year.

Well, no, I hadn't seen/heard the prices anywhere, but we finally got a postcard in the mail today (and I mean finally - the presale DID start today after all) with our renewal code.

They are $179.00 for the renewal, $30.95 for the fee, and that makes them $209.95 total. It's $34.99 per show for 6 shows. If it was JUST that, I'd probably buy them. But it's darn near impossible to coordinate a tailgate for less than $50 (ice, booze, food, grilling supplies).

Oh what to do, what to do!

I love that George Strait (aka: THE MAN) is on the schedule, but I've seen Toby, Rascal and Kenny every year for the last few and they don't change that much.

To be totally honest, Kenny's show was no good last year. Loved him and loved the pirates theme, but the mics were screwy and it sounded like crap on the half-empty lawn.

As Lisa S. wrote in a MySpace post today, "it is expensive being me". Amen, sister!


  1. It is expensive being me! I've had people pick on me for being high maintenance, but I'm really not. Well, in July I'm not. I just need a toothbrush and a bathing suit. I'm ready for July :(

  2. want to hear something funny? i was with miss. widd; and so was red & white preppy & magnolias and juleps.

    and we didn't even know! :)

  3. Too funny! We'll know better for next time ;-)