Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Quick Raleigh Updates...

...because I'm always shocked how many of my friends actually get their updates from my local round-up of Raleigh blogs.

Goodberry's is coming to Cameron Village -
A Rooftop Carolina Ale House is coming to Glenwood South -
Boylan Bridge Brewpub is open for business -
I hear Foundation makes their own in-house cola... and want to try it -
And in some previously unpublished original updates:
Tobacco Road has has added a apple/candied walnut/and some sort of cheese salad to the menu... and it's SO good. Lisa S. and I took Cagle to lunch there on Friday - we both had it and loved it.

Friday night and Sunday afternoon Renee and I ended up at The Oxford and I had the Fried Goat Cheese salad both times. Renee had their very cool twist on the caprise salad. Both, very good, too.

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