Friday, March 20, 2009

A Different Green Post

Here's a totally different green post for you - as in St. Patty's green!

I enjoy the holiday and the debauchery that goes along with it, but I've been consistently sick the last few weeks so I didn't do too much... well, other than celebrate my younger sister's 21st birthday (which by the way, still blows my mind that it's now legal for her to shop at the ABC store). I'll have to dedicate a separate post to that momentous occasion later.

However, just because the parties from last weekend and Tuesday have passed... there's more this weekend since last weekend had a bit (downpour) of rain.

Raleigh's St. Patrick's parade is today at noon - Downtown.

For those of you who are thrilled by the idea of Irish-themed events all year long... I guess this is my Merry March Christmas gift for you - a website and email list devoted to those local event (

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