Friday, March 13, 2009

Day Trip to Boone?

I'd probably be too scared to take the plunge, but this seems like the cooooooolest thing ever. (Especially after watching last week's episode of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory where he installed his own zip line in his massive warehouse/office complex).

From Garden & Gun via email:

Zipping Along

Believe it or not, zip lines (those cables youth campers attach themselves to to go whizzing across a lake or valley) have grown up. This spring, Scream Time Ziplines just outside of beautiful Boone, North Carolina, will send adult riders (and kids, too) zooming above some of the prettiest topography in the South.

You start out by taking a 1972 six-wheel-drive army transport vehicle to the top of a local peak. From there you don a harness and attach yourself to a series of zip lines (the longest east of the Mississippi River) that crisscross down the valley. On the way you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of Boone, Appalachian State University, and all manner of flora and fauna. Just remember to open your eyes.

Check out Canopy Tours in NC, SC, and FL!

Maybe I'll make this my push my boundaries experience for the year...

PS - YouTube videos from the experience!


  1. I had my first zip lining experience in Belize two weeks ago... It's an amazing rush, and despite the obvious reasons for feeling nervous, it's also quite impressive how safe this adventure is. We were attached to the zip line and a backup line - both of which could support 6,000 pounds - by a pulley and a safety hook. I never had reservations about safety. And the rush was one I likely won't forget.

    I'll be heading to Boone when the weather warms up a bit to relive the experience.

  2. I starred this one in my gmail! How much fun does that look like!?!