Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Always the Little Ones

I never participate in the tags and awards that social bloggers do (I really do appreciate you all for including me, but I try and keep this blog content-based so that each post is about more than just me), but when I saw this on Green Magsterpie's blog today... I just couldn't resist. Maybe it's my ridiculous love of pictures.

I also wanted to illustrate something very important: I'm a little girl (5' 2'')... so I can get away with a lot of things that some people never notice.

Case in point: my fourth picture album, the fourth picture in it:

: Bristol, TN/VA
Event: NAAAAAASCAR race with the boyfriend, Cole, Lindsey, and Cameron
Image: Me getting away with not having to carry my gravy biscuit.
I think people underestimate me sometimes. Need proof? I also took this picture of my tactic... unnoticed.


  1. L-O-V-E it. too funny. reminds me of some of the photos i have in my college album of various mulletts, jorts, and fannypacks :)

  2. I'm lol'ing to barefoot's comment. I'm also laughing because I see this type of action from you all the time, lis. hahah! ohhh poor nick ;)

  3. Pot calling the kettle black, my little accomplice?

  4. I can hear him now-
    "I knew it was there."

    Love the 4th picture idea...