Friday, October 10, 2008

I Don't Do "Scary"

"I don't do 'scary'."

Those were my exact words to my favorite group of hooligans in our weekly "so what are we doing this weekend" group gmail conversation. However, because I'm almost always a good sport (assuming it's not 7am), I'm still most likely going to do all of the spooky local things that my friends are SO excited about.

This - the Horrow Show in Snow Camp, NC - terrifies me with the website alone. (My friends and boyfriend are sure going to enjoy watching me jump and scream every 10 seconds.)

Aside from that show, G105 is also hosting a list of Halloween events in the Triangle. Anything else that should be included? Let me know... my friends will thank you, I'm sure.

PS - Be sure to check out one that's for a GREAT cause!Raleigh Jaycees to Hold Annual Haunted House Oct. 17-Nov. 1; Proceeds to be Donated to Area Charities

Raleigh, NC – Alert! A prison break has occurred at the old Possum Creek Penitentiary and the escaped living-dead prisoners are being corralled and will be put into a new prison, currently being built at 6234 Glenwood Avenue, at Pleasant Valley Promenade. Tours of this new prison begin on Oct. 17.
Boo! (See you there - I'll be the running running back to the safety of the car!)


  1. I don't like scary things either! The last time I went to a haunted trail it was a disaster. I need to share that story on my blog.

    Enjoy your week!