Friday, October 17, 2008

Congrats, Jamie!

For those of you who've never met fellow Buckhead-er Jamie Saad, be sure to stop by his new venue sometime and say hello!

Black Flower Opens in Glenwood South

(Raleigh Downtowner/Raleigh Chronicle)

"From an unassuming building just around the corner from the bustle of Glenwood South comes a different kind of buzz, one that will last well after the night's end…at least that's the kind of atmosphere Paul Lewis and Jamie Saad want to create at their new bar Black Flower. Located at 517 West Peace Street (just east of Mojo's), one of its main goals is to promote Raleigh's culture."
Click through to read the rest of the Melissa Santos' great article. Nick and I went to visit last weekend and had a great time (and of course, Jamie made sure to have a bottle of Firefly on hand for me... because he's awesome).

Double plus (and I hope he doesn't wring my neck for giving away industry secrets), but he dished that the black semi-circle seating may or may not have been reclaimed from the part of Buckhead that hasn't been flipped and holds the leftovers from the post-Jillian's renovation. Being the rockstar bar owners Paul and Jamie are, they found the instructions for recovering them on Google and saved them from the landfill - I support it!

Here's the official site (get your membership - they don't serve food!) and of course, because it wouldn't be the bar industry without it, the MySpace page.

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