Monday, October 27, 2008

Guess What Just Crossed the Mason-Dixon...

(Firefly Distillery)

Oh yes, that's right. All of you who hail from (or have moved) north of NC can now enjoy what we've been raving about all summer and fall: Firefly's sweet tea vodka!

Via text message from one of my favorite bride-to-be sisters, E. Riley (soon to be E. Riley-Dorn):

They're selling sweet tea vodka up here now!!!

(To which I replied - "Yes!!! Now I can come visit again!")

Haha yeah they sell it by the half gallon so come on!
By "up here", she means near Baltimore. And by half gallon, she means Little Lisa-sized (which she totally agrees is true, too).

Looking SO forward to some DC/MD visits!

PS - Yes, I know where wiki defines the Mason-Dixon line, but who are we kidding?

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  1. WHEN the heck are they going to sell it in FLORIDA! I NEED some of this!