Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Blog Today...

...because I have SO much to get done right now, but this was too juicy to only share with Adrianne (my fellow Google-addict).

Now, brace yourselves, this is not very Southern-girly of me, but like my profile says: I'm at home in the modern world. And I absolutely love the convenience of the Google Toolbar (as a preface to the following...) and how it lets me basically "take everything with me" when I switch from IE to Mozilla or between computers.

Here's the email I just sent Adrianne, because I knew she'd literally laugh out loud in her newly upgraded cube (baller-status in less than 6 months? Atta-girl!!) at work:

So I wanted to add the “add to google reader” button to my google toolbar (assuming there is one, I haven’t gotten past the first page yet).

Anyways, I digress; I just wanted to point out the #3 most popular button that users are adding to the google toolbar:

Most Popular Buttons
YouTube Search - Add
Gmail - Add
Better Sex Tip of the Day - Add
Wikipedia - Add
WhiteSmoke: Check Your English Grammar and Spelling - Add
Scandalous!My, my, my! I hope everyone else enjoyed the same little snicker that I'm 99.9% sure Adrianne just had at work. And don't worry - I won't check my Google Analytics to see how many people clicked "Add" next to #3 on the list. :-P

Update: Naturally, Adrianne blogged on the subject, too!

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  1. Wow - that is hilarious! Maybe I will have to blog about that too - I'm sure my friends would love it! Thanks for the info:)!