Friday, June 13, 2008

We Girlfriends...

...tend to worry. Maybe it's a girl thing? Maybe it's the "one day you'll be a mom, too" thing? I don't know. Anyway, the phone has been ringing off the hook and the IM has been blinking all day so I figured I'd update everyone here as well.

Yesterday my boyfriend left home at around 7am. It was his day off from work so he had a lot of stuff to get done - including a fire-fighter training (not his 9-5, but something he's been getting in to lately).

Well, for those of you who didn't step outside in Raleigh yesterday - we had a Code Red ozone condition thanks to a dense layer of smoke that settled over our city (which breaks my heart to try and put into perspective the amount of damage that's been left behind from the actual wild fires in Eastern NC) making the outside conditions AWFUL.

So the day goes on and I hadn't heard from Nick (the BF) before leaving work for the day (which is very unusual) but I just figured he was busy. So I did stuff to keep myself occupied (including my new Google Calendar for my blogs: RSS Feed and web-based) but that only lasts for so long.

Around dinner time, even Adrianne was a bit worried - because as she says... we keep each other balanced. I'd forget to eat if Nick wasn't there to remind me it's time for dinner and Nick would live off microwaved foods if I wasn't here to pick the restaurant. (Snicker, snicker... I *occasionally* let the Betty Crocker in me out... but not often.)

So I went to my parents house to take the pups to play and occupy myself some more (note: he had not answered *ANY* phone calls at this point... so he was still MIA). His motorcycle was in their garage... so he wasn't out riding. Come 8pm or so, I finally call his house to see if he's chillin' with his parents. Nope - and he hasn't answered their calls either. The worrying starts to peak... everyone is calling at this point wanting to go out for EVERYONE in Raleigh's birthdays and Buckhead was the game plan. By 10/11pm, I was really freaking out and of course, couldn't go out not knowing what the heck Nick was up to.

So, Joey, Adrianne, and I drove down to where the training was (in the effing GHETTO let me tell you) and rolled by (not very closely OBVI!) and tried to see if his truck was still there. We didn't see it, but it was dark out anyway. We get back to the townhouse and I am literally starting to freak out. At midnight, my phone rings from a generic Raleigh phone number... my heart sank. I knew it was either the Highway Patrol or a hospital.

It was Nick... in the ER at Wake Med. He was calling to see if anyone was going to come get him. OMG WTF?! (I would have been there at 1:15pm when your ambulance arrived if I had known he was there... 'TARD!) They were supposed to contact his parents or me... we see how far that got huh? That's a whole 'nother topic... which will end with a nasty letter from me, to the Wake Med administrator.

So long story short, Nick had a fun-filled afternoon that included heatstroke, an ambulance ride, too much IV fluids (making him even MORE sick), a CAT scan, pain pills (let the barfing begin) and will probably have a nice $3-5,000 bill here soon. We finally got to go home at 1:30am only for him to wake up sick again at 4am.

Needless to say, his day off sucked and he's home recovering today.

PS - Did I mention I am terrified of hospitals? You'd think with Dr. Mom's and Aunt Anita's surgical careers... I'd be good to go. Not a chance. Adrianne said she could feel me getting more and more tense from the backseat as we lapped the hospital trying to figure out where to park.

So, thanks to Adrianne and Joey for being an awesome team. Thanks to Nate for calling from the bar and offering to be there in one short cab ride (I'm sure he could've used an IV, too) every hour, and to everyone else for the calls, IMs, and texts. Feel free to call and harass Nick anytime this afternoon.


  1. I am so sorry all that happened, but I am so thankful he is okay.

  2. Thanks dear! He had a rough day yesterday afternoon and evening but is doing a little better today! (He even went into work... for an hour ;-))

  3. I am glad he is okay. I can relate, my husband is a fireman and it can be scary at times. Again, so glad to hear he is okay! Thanks for emailing me, I can't wait to continue reading your blogs.

  4. I don't know how y'all do it - sure they're saving lives, but it's nerve-racking!

  5. Oh Lisa I'm so glad you wrote about this. What have we learned?

    HYDRATION is important when it's 100 degrees outside


    even IVs are only good in moderation. :-)

    Thanks for the cookies.

  6. You are SO welcome - it's the least I could do to say "thanks"!