Friday, June 06, 2008

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

My favorite "crazy ex-girlfriend" is Miranda Lambert! I am STILL crushed that I missed her concert at City Limits a few years back.

So this afternoon, I'm sitting in my living room watching GAC's "Origins" on Miranda and as all entertainers - she has lots of merchandise with her face and name on it. She was taking viewers on a tour of her store (an actual store!) in her hometown (Longview, Texas according to Wikipedia) that two of her friends from high school run and she profiled her WINE! Yes, WINE! Her mom went on to talk about how she met a man who owned a winery and wanted to get his name out by possibly giving her some. Miranda's reaction was "Sure! I mean if you're going to give me some free wine!"

Want to know more about the winery?

Cellared and Bottled by:
LouViney Vineyards & Winery, LLC
Winnsboro, Texas
So here's her wine, her favorite being "County Road 233" and I thought "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" was just a great looking bottle and label:

I'll be sure to update if I get myself a bottle! (Which of course, I'll purchase along side a "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" koozie!)

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