Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tobacco Road... Coming Soon!

I was able to get a glimpse into the new Tobacco Road Sports Cafe yesterday on my way to lunch with Tyler yesterday at one of my favorite hidden gems of Raleigh: Rockford. The TVs are in the windows (a cool feature for Glenwood South) and tables are being set in. After briefly chatting with Brian Amra a week or so ago, it seems that early January is when the doors will open.

I can't wait!

Be sure to check out their blog - which was just updated yesterday by Brian - and get a look at the menu... it'll make you hungry for Tobacco Road basketball and Tobacco Road food at the same time!

Full Disclosure: Lisa S. and I discussed the need for a restaurant/bar called "Tobacco Road" long ago (in the old Damon's location in the heart of Wolfpack country nonetheless), but these guys beat us to it.

If it was anyone else, I might be a little jealous, but I obviously love Amra's and know that Tobacco Road Sports Cafe will be nothing short of FANTASTIC and run by a family who really knows how to run a good business.

12/22 Update: Ashton says it's officially open on Wednesday!


  1. Oh good! Another cool place to have a good business lunch.

  2. i put in an app there but the open date keeps getting pushed back. who knows what i'll be doing by then!