Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Confession: I Twitter

Not religiously by any means... I haven't downloaded any type of Twitter app, so I only get updates when I want to by checking in via new Crackberry's fully-functional real browser, but I'm am nonetheless on Twitter.

(Let's be honest, what kind of marketing girl would I really be without personally trying out all the mediums so I can give my clients the best possible first-hand knowledge?)

However, this week alone I have had two cool experiences that give me a fun reason to half-recommend Twitter... at least once in my life. So here ya go...

Email that came to new crackberry on Thursday while I was at the bar (and proceeded to get REALLY excited about):

Hi, Lisa Jeffries.

Zac Brown Band (zacbrownband) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Zac Brown Band's profile here:

You may follow Zac Brown Band as well by clicking on the "follow" button.

Made. My. Week!

Then again this morning, quick check in on Twitter (thanks to a new follower I wanted to check out):ashtonmae: Tobacco road is open! about 17 hours ago from TwitterBerryWell butter my biscuit! Looks like Raleigh's newest best place to do lunch has been putting in some major overtime!

So if you Twitter (of if you decide to give it a shot now), feel free to follow me... I like to think you'll enjoy the randomness (and I do mean random) that is contained in my Twitter updates.


  1. thanks for the love :) i think twitter can be such a fun resource for instant, local, relevant news. one of my favorite days - there was a gorgeous rainbow and at least 4 people posted something about it. if i hadn't been outside, i would have been able to step out and see it!

  2. Did you hear about the guy Twittering during the Denver plane crash the other day? Lisa, please tell me that if you're involved in a plane evacuation, you will put down your Crackberry, take off your heels, and slide down the slide.

    I have yet to try Twitter...

  3. Holy cow... I didn't hear that. And you've got it ma'am... crackberry down and heels off!