Thursday, December 04, 2008

P.D.C. - Amra's

Just after writing this post about how Red Hat was making a very festive (and pretty. darn. classy.) move with their holiday party, check out this email I just got from the Amra's family:

A gift for you, Happy Holidays from Amra's


This is Samson. Amra's is sponsoring Samson on behalf of our Amra's guests. Samson is a Rottweiler-Shepherd mix that is in foster care through Best Friend Pet Adoption. Our sponsorship will help cover the cost of his food and medical expenses for the next six months. Although we hope that he'll have a permanent home and family before then.

SamsonThe holidays are here and for most this means a time of giving—finding those perfect gifts for friends and family as well as giving to charities, financially or donating your time.
During these economic times many charities have experienced sharp drops in donations. One way to still be able to donate to your favorite charity and give a meaningful gift is by sponsoring. Click here or visit BFPA online at to see the 48 cats and 37 dogs available for sponsorship through BFPA. Just click the "View Cats/Dogs to Sponsor" button, click on their name to learn more about them and click the "Sponsor" button located in their profile.You can dedicate your sponsorship to someone, with your dedication text appearing on their profile. BFPA will also send an acknowledgement on your behalf via email or snail mail.
Happy Holidays,
Brian, Alex and Rommie Amra
They sure know how to win MY heart! Just look at that sweeeeeet face!

Adrianne and Joey - go get him for Sweetie! Then she'll have a Tank of her own :-)

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